Speeding motorcyclists in Spain raise alarms: A critical look at recent traffic statistics

by Lorraine Williamson
speeding motorcyclists

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has issued an alert following a surge in complaints related to speeding motorcyclists in Spain. In the second special campaign of this year, 617 complaints were filed out of 14,533 motorcycles controlled. This, therefore marks a concerning trend.

Shockingly, 41% of these complaints were due to speeding violations, painting a grim picture of road safety in the country.

The statistics revealed that 251 out of 252 sanctions for speeding were issued on conventional roads. Moreover, these are known to be the most perilous, where inappropriate speeds can be fatal. This alarming number emphasises the need for immediate action to curb reckless driving behaviours on these roads.

10,906 controls carried out

During the special surveillance and control campaign conducted by the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard on the weekend of September 9 and 10, a staggering 10,906 controls were performed on conventional roads. These roads, though comprising only a fraction of the total road network, witnessed 77% of fatal accidents involving motorcycles up until the campaign took place.

While speeding violations dominated the list of infractions, it’s also worth noting that the number of motorcyclists caught driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs decreased compared to the previous year. However, there were still 27 cases reported, indicating a persistent issue.

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Motorcyclists were especially affected, constituting the group with the highest increase in accident rates in 2023. As of 3rd October, 226 lives had been lost on the roads. That´s 19 more than during the same period in 2022. This worrisome statistic highlights the urgent need for comprehensive road safety measures, particularly for motorcyclists.

Not just speeding offences

Apart from speeding, other infractions included 12 cases of negligent or reckless driving, 11 cases of illegal overtaking, and 12 cases of not wearing helmets or wearing them improperly. Moreover, these behaviours pose significant risks, as evident from the 209 motorcyclists who lost their lives by 21st September, 2023.

Moreover, there were numerous complaints related to improper vehicle documentation, such as lacking a valid ITV (69 cases), using silencers (59 cases), and lacking mandatory insurance (22 cases). Furthermore, these issues underscore the importance of ensuring that all motorists adhere to legal requirements.

In response to these alarming trends, the DGT urges motorists to prioritise safety, especially on conventional roads. It is essential for drivers to respect speed limits, avoid driving under the influence, and always wear appropriate safety gear. Law enforcement agencies will continue their efforts to enforce road safety regulations rigorously.

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