Major cocaine seizure in Spain: 11 tons intercepted in joint operation by Policia Nacional and Tax Agency

by Lorraine Williamson
11 tons of cocaine

The Spanish National Police and the Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) have successfully intercepted a total of 11 tons of cocaine destined for distribution across the continent. The operation, carried out in parallel in Vigo and Valencia, resulted in the arrest of 20 individuals linked to two Balkan-originated criminal organisations.

The operation in Vigo, Galicia, witnessed the seizure of a staggering 7,500 kilograms of cocaine cleverly concealed within frozen tuna loins. Moreover, this marks the largest cocaine confiscation ever made in the Galician region. The criminals had established a sophisticated business network to disguise their illicit activities, utilising a substantial flow of containers to transport cocaine from Latin America to Galicia.

Two operations – 11 tons of cocaine

Simultaneously, a second operation in Valencia led to the confiscation of 3,400 kilograms of cocaine concealed in hidden compartments within maritime containers. These containers had feigned departure from the Valencia port, adding another layer of complexity to the criminal organisation’s attempts to avoid detection.

The two operations targeted not only the illicit cargo but also dismantled the intricate structures supporting these criminal enterprises. The 20 individuals arrested are believed to be key members of the two Balkan-originated organisations, responsible for orchestrating the logistics and execution of the drug trafficking operations.

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These developments serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by international drug trafficking and the need for continued cooperation among law enforcement agencies across borders.

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