Jet fighter accompanies EasyJet flight to Menorca after joke on Twitter

by Lorraine Williamson
fighter jet

MENORCA – On Sunday, an EasyJet flight bound for Menorca (Balearic Islands) was accompanied by a Spanish fighter jet. An 18-year-old British passenger was the reason for the special company. 

The striking escort was filmed by a passenger.  The footage was then shared and immediately went viral on social media. It occured as a result of a possible bomb threat. It was an Easyjet flight from London to Menorca. 

Twitter joke

The Spanish Air Force’s F-18 fighter jet escorted the plane to its destination after a British teenager on board joked on Twitter about a bomb exploding inside the plane. This was subsequently confirmed by the Spanish police on Monday. 

Furthermore, the 18-year-old boy is now awaiting a hearing, a police spokesman said. He travelled with five friends to the Spanish island for a holiday and was immediately arrested after landing and had to spend a night in jail. 

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Fighter jet

Footage of the incident shows an F-18 fighter jet flying close to the striking orange wingtips of EasyJet’s A-319 plane. The fighter jet ‘flaps’ its wings. The gesture is well known in aviation and indicates that the other pilot should follow. Meanwhile, you can hear concerned passengers talking about what might be going on. 

Military plane 

Military aircraft typically intercept civilian aircraft when ground air traffic control loses contact with them. Even if a threat to the aircraft or passengers is perceived, whether through a bomb threat, a suspicious object, or feared terrorist activity. 

Finally, the Easyjet flight EZY8303, which departed from London Gatwick airport at 1:00 PM, landed without problems at Menorca airport, in the Balearic Islands. Where he was escorted to a safety zone half an hour late, just before 5.00 pm. 

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