30% of Spaniards cancel holiday due to inflation

by Lorraine Williamson
cancelled holiday

MADRID – The holiday year 2022 got off to a promising start, after two previous years marked by travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic. However, now it is inflation that has a major impact on the stock market of many tourists. 

Inflation, fuelled in part by the fuel crisis and rising prices in general, has led to 30% of Spaniards cancelling their holiday this summer. More than half are looking for cheaper accommodations than in other years. This is according to a study by the global market research firm Appinio, quoted by Europa Press. 

Holiday postponed or shortened 

While 30% of Spaniards have chosen to cancel their holiday trips immediately, 40% say they have had to postpone their summer vacation plans due to higher prices. 57% have shortened their holidays for the same economic reason. 

Another striking fact is that the vast majority of Spaniards will spend their holidays in Spain (79%). Only 7% plan to travel to a destination outside of Europe. 

Cogesa Expats

24% of the respondents go on holiday in the first two weeks of August. 19% have decided not to go anywhere. Of those who do go, 34% plan to do so for a period of six to eight days and 30%, for two to five days, while 2% only go out for one day. 

Favourite destination 

The destinations most in demand are those of ‘sun and beach’: Andalucia (31%), Valencian Community (23%), Catalonia (14%), Galicia (13%), and the Canary Islands (12%). 

Of all Spaniards who go on holiday, 53% choose to spend their holidays in a hotel, compared to 6% who decide to stay in a caravan or motorhome. 

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