The 25 Best Campsites in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Camping is the most fun, sustainable, and – often – the cheapest way to spend a holiday. In this, our first #TravelTuesday article, we give you a description of the best campsites in Spain. 

Whether in the summer, during the May holidays, at Easter, or in the autumn; days off are always a good excuse to pack your suitcases and go out for a few days. But one of the things you often run into when planning your vacation is money. Some destinations or vacation plans, no matter how tempting, are unfeasible due to cost. While there are cheap flights, once you get to your destination, transportation or lodging costs can add up. Therefore, campsites are a good alternative. 

A tent, a few comfortable sleeping bags, and a good cooking set are the basic ingredients to enjoy your holiday. Contrary to popular belief, staying at a campsite does not necessarily mean you have to remove all luxury and sleep on the ground under the open sky. Moreover, this form of holiday celebration has moved with the times. Spain has a wealth of campsites of all shapes and sizes. And in many of them, you don’t even need to camp! El Confidencial presented an overview of the best campsites in Spain based on various rankings and studies. 


  • La Siesta Salou Resort and Campsite (Tarragona) 
  • Alannia Costa Blanca Resort (Alicante) 
  • La Marina (Elche) 
  • Tamarit Beach Resort (Tarragona) 
  • Les Medes (Girona) 
  • Camping Playa Joyel (Cantabria) 
  • Alania Els Prats Camping & Resort (Tarragona) 
  • Alania Guardamar (Alicante) 
  • Camping & Resort Sangulí (Salou) 
  • Playa Montroig Camping & Resort (Tarragona) 
  • Las Dunas, Girona (Sant Pere Pescador) 
  • Campsite El Escorial (Madrid) 
  • Camping Playa Las Dunas (Cadiz) 
  • Camping Cabopino (Málaga) 
  • Campsite Bayona (Pontevedra) 
  • Camping Pineta (Huesca) 
  • Pinar San Jose (Cadiz) 
  • l’Ámfora (Sant Pere Pescador) 
  • Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre (Girona) 
  • Zuhaitz etxeak – Cabañas en los árboles (Vizcaya) 
  • Camping Globo Rojo (Barcelona) 
  • Camping Ribadesella (Asturias) 
  • Basoa Suites (Navarre) 
  • Campsite El Delfin Verde (Girona) 
  • Camping Castell Montgri (Girona) 
La Siesta Salou Resort & Camping, Tarragona 

La Siesta is one of the names you come across most often in the rankings. It is a comfortable campsite, located in the tourist town of Salou and just 500 metres from the beach. One of the most attractive features of this site is that it has four outdoor swimming pools. They also have hydro-massage pools and water slides. In addition, several bungalows have a television. Other pluses are the tropical gardens, padel courts, and family-friendly atmosphere. 

Alannia Costa Blanca Resort, Alicante 

Alannia Costa Blanca Resort is located in the heart of Costa Blanca, in the town of Crevillente. This is also a site that gets the highest ratings from visitors. It was selected last year on the list of the 10 best campsites in Spain. This was according to the ‘Superplatz 2010’ and ‘Top Camping’. Furthermore, this campsite is also considered to be one of the most complete campsites in Europe. And that’s not surprising. In addition to the swimming pools, slides, spa and spacious camping spots that are spread over the site, there is also a sports accommodation, there are several supermarkets and there is a mini-golf course. In short, a resort where you can’t possibly get bored. 

La Marina, Elche 

This is also a perfect place to go on holiday with your family. The water park and themed pools are just some of the strengths of this site. It is also next to Elche beach. In addition, the complex also offers curious visitors the opportunity to use the facilities without having to stay overnight. Those who do want to spend the night here can choose from three types of camping spots on the site. Furthermore, they cover a total of around 120,000 km2. You can camp here with a tent, a camper or a caravan. In addition, there are luxury villas and bungalows with all the trimmings. 

Tamarit Beach Resort, Tarragona 

Tamarit Beach Resort is located next to the beach and offers you an unforgettable holiday. You will find bungalows – surrounded by gardens and in the shadiest spots of the site. There is also a glamping zone for those who love camping in the great outdoors but cannot do without some comfort. Finally, there is the camping area itself, where you can choose from four categories: standard, platinum, preference, and a private bathroom. There are also restaurants, a beach bar, a bakery, and a cafe. And for those who want to stay in shape, there are sports facilities and Pilates, Zumba, and Yoga classes. 

Les Medes, Girona 

If you’re looking for an outdoor holiday on the Catalan coast for the whole family, in which you are also fully equipped, then you arrive at Les Medes. Because of the environment and the facilities, the ANWB has classified this campsite as ‘Eurotop’ since 2012 and since 2013 it has been declared a Superplatz by the German association ADAC. There is an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor swimming pool, you have a restaurant and a supermarket and there are also entertainment activities for the little ones. You can also have your car washed, rent a bicycle or use the sports facilities. 

Camping Playa Joyel, Cantabria 

This four-star campsite was voted the best beach campsite by the Spanish Entrepreneurs Association (FECC) in 2017 and received the Travelers Choice in 2020. Its location is special: in the coastal area of ​​Noja in Cantabria, next to Ris beach and near the wetlands of Victoria and Joyel. It consists of different areas with more than 140 places to stay: so-called mobile homes (for two, four, or six people) and camping places (between 80 and 90 square meters). Pets are not allowed here. 

Alannia Costa Blanca Resort, Alicante 

With this campsite, the resort chain Alannia once again manages to get into the ranking of the best campsites in Spain. Alannia Els Prats Camping & Resort, located on the beach of Rifá, is again a campsite with all the trimmings: an area full of water fun for the children, fun ‘shows’ for the little ones, a gym, and bars for the adults, a ‘ teen club’ for young people… It is also one of the few campsites where visitors are welcome all year round, even in the low season. Like the campsite above, they offer three types of accommodation: small houses, studios for couples and camping spots. 

Alannia Guardamar, Alicante 

Alannia Guardamar is the most ‘intimate’ complex of this resort chain. Nevertheless, the owners have not forgotten what is at the heart of their success: the family holiday. So here you will find the typical elements of an Alannia campsite: slides, swimming pools with a tropical character, and space for shows and concerts. But the slogan of the campsite itself perfectly sums up the holiday feeling: ‘Relax in our spa or have a mojito in our bar while watching your children have fun in our fantastic tropical pools.’ For the adults, there are wine tastings, workshops, and board games. organized. 

Camping & Resort Sangulí, Salou 

In addition to the resort area, the Sangulí Campground offers visitors five types of camping spots: Standard, Special, Master, Master Plus, and Premium. And not only that, but this campsite also has a wide range of options for those who prefer a permanent roof over their head, with villas, bungalows, and lodges. You can only use the swimming pools located on an African safari if you are also staying at the campsite, but your pets are welcome. 

Playa Montroig Camping & Resort, Tarragona 

Playa Montroig Camping & Resort has one asset over the other campsites and that is its longstanding reputation. Visitor reviews show that some have been coming here every year since the 1990s (the site was established in 1962). Some saw their children happy here year after year. Outside the walls of the complex, you can visit not only Port Aventura and the beach, but also wine farms. Inside, guests are well looked after by the hairdressing service, the beautician, and even the option of medical consultation. 

Las Dunas, Girona (Sant Pere Pescador) 

Located directly on the beach, this campsite has a water park with slides, surf lessons, entertainment for children, bungalows, five health centers, a disco, shops, and a supermarket. The Las Dunas campsite has been open to the public since 1968 and has a pick-up service from the airport. If you are curious but not completely convinced, you can take a quick look at the ‘virtual tour’ on the internet. It is within walking distance of the beach of Bahía de Roses. 

Baycrest Wealth
Campsite El Escorial, Madrid 

This place is admittedly not close to the beach but in El Escorial. That is one of the most visited places in the Madrid region, is Monte Abesinos, in the middle of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. The Spanish capital is only 50 kilometers away. While you’re here, you can take a walk through the Valle de Angostura or Las Cárcava. There is also plenty to do within the complex, for example in one of the heated outdoor pools or in the pool that is reserved for free swimming. 

Camping Playa Las Dunas, Cadiz 

One of the advantages of Camping Playa Las Dunas is that it is open all year round and that you have various booking offers on the website. Moreover, Kampaoh (a luxury tented camp) is an option. You will be just 100 meters from Puntilla Beach and a 15-minute walk from the port of El Puerto de Santa María. Moreover, the beautiful and pleasant city of Cádiz is nearby. The site itself is surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees and the dunes of San Antón. That makes it a unique place to stay. In addition to tents, you can also rent campers here. 

Camping Cabopino, Málaga 

The owners themselves describe this site as an ‘open-air hotel’ because of its facilities and its special location: in the middle of a natural environment, yet close to Fuengirola (14 km) and Marbella (12 km), and Cabopino beach. Here you can choose between bungalows and camping. Each accommodation is equipped with a television, and heating and cooling facilities with remote control. As if that were not enough, the complex also offers a multitude of activities that you can do in the area. Another advantage of this campsite is that you can cancel free of charge up to seven days in advance. The disadvantage is that dogs and cats are only allowed on certain camping spots. 

Camping Bayona, Pontevedra 

Another campsite with a beautiful location. Located in the middle of the Rias Baixas, Camping Bayona offers all kinds of activities for children and adults, with various sports facilities and children’s parks. You can also do all kinds of excursions here, such as a visit by boat to the Cíes Islands or a trip to Santiago de Compostela, Tui, Oia, A Garda, Pontevedra, Valença (Portugal), or Baiona. To be able to stay here, you have to meet several requirements, such as ‘complete silence’ between noon and 8 am. – You can be kicked out if you don’t comply with this. You can take your pet with you at a rate of € 3.50 per day, except for several potentially dangerous dog breeds. 

Camping Pineta, Huesca 

The Pineta Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the Pyrenees in Aragón and this campsite is located right at the entrance to the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Therefore, this is an ideal place for adventurous people who want to spend their holidays with long walks in leafy forests and who want to be completely immersed in nature. But since the weather in this area is quite variable, you can also see the current weather forecast on the website of the campsite. Camping Pineta was named the best mountain campsite by the FEC in 2019. 

Pinar San Jose, Cadiz 

You can see the most essential feature of Camping Pinar San José from afar. The houses where the guests can stay are perfect imitations of the typical houses of Cádiz, allowing one to experience the culture of this city even more intensely. They also have a TV and air conditioning. But as with all the campgrounds on this list, you can always choose to just camp and even stay just one night at a particularly discounted rate if you’re only there between the last night and 10:00 AM. 

L’Ámfora, Sant Pere Pescador 

The slogan ‘there is no greater luxury than sustainability’ summarizes everything. This campsite in Sant Pere Pescador, a village in Girona, caters specifically to pets, caravans, and families and meets all the conditions to please parents and children. The campsite L’Ámfora has direct access to the sea from the beach of Sant Pere Pescador and has four swimming pools, one of which is especially for children. There is a program of activities, especially for the little ones. Dogs, cats, and other pets are welcome but with a few conditions: they are only allowed in the ‘Sunny Dog’ parking spaces, they must always be on a lead and it is mandatory to have a recently updated vaccination certificate with you. 

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre, Girona 

At the Ballena Alegre campsite, on the Costa Brava, you can spend a very pleasant summer evening. This park offers its guests shows with music, jugglers, and live performances. In addition, football, table tennis, billiards, tennis, and beach volleyball tournaments are organised. There is an adventure park for the little ones and for those who want to, there are all kinds of art workshops to follow. Guests also have access to the spa, which offers a circuit with several areas, as well as various therapies, massages, and rituals, such as a salt and ice cabin. Finally, all bungalows are equipped with fresh towels, blankets, a cafetière, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a safe. 

Cabañas en los rboles, Vizacaya 

If you’re looking for a fairytale holiday surrounded by nature, Cabañas en Los Árboles (meaning “tree houses”) is your best bet. Located in the forest of Zeanuri, these cottages have an enchanting and exclusive appearance. There are ten different types of lodgings, but each cabin is unique. They all have the same rustic style and you have to climb the tree for each cabin. But hold there Don’t miss the fairy tale, because you can also spend the night in one of the Pipo-like caravans that are in the shade of the trees. 

Camping Globo Rojo, Barcelona 

This campsite is located in Canet del Mar in Barcelona, ​​just 50 meters from the beach. The campsite has gardens and a swimming pool (also heated and with a jacuzzi) where various water activities are organised. In addition, families can also take advantage of all the other activities that are devised here for both adults and children. There are also sports facilities, a bar, a restaurant, a supermarket, and a playground. 

Camping Ribadesella, Asturias 

Camping Ribadesella is less than a kilometer from the beach and also close to the beautiful Picos de Europa nature reserve with rugged mountain peaks. Near the site, there are many places of interest such as the Sella River, over which you can go kayaking and rafting, and the Costa Jurásica, which stretches from the Tazones (Villaviciosa) to Camanga, and the caves of Cuevas del Agua and Cueva del Tito Bustillo. Regarding accommodation options, you can choose between camping pitches, bungalows, and safari tents at this campsite. 

Basoa Suites, Navarra 

No, these are not the Cabañas en los árboles treehouses in Vizcaya, but the idea is the same. At Basoa Suites you also sleep between the branches, but in this case in the treetops of the Valle de Ulzama in Navarra. This is a centuries-old oak forest of 80 hectares. You can also take a day trip here in a squad, paraglide, go horseback riding or try out forest bathing. It is without a doubt an excellent choice if you want to get away from the daily bustle and enjoy a beautiful green environment. The view from your suite is spectacular and you only have birds and squirrels as neighbors. 

Camping El Delfín Verde, Girona 

Bungalows and glamping with different themes and equipped with everything you need, spacious villas, close to the sea and with every imaginable comfort, that is Camping el Delfín Verde. But those who have dragged their roof over their head can also camp or park their caravan here. And besides – and you wouldn’t expect that so quickly at a campsite – there is also a hotel on the site. This campsite is located in the El Montgrí Natural Park, in the Medes Islands, and just 100 meters from a white-sand beach. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a spa. 

Camping Castell Montgri, Girona 

This site is also located in the heart of the El Montgrí Natural Park and presents itself as ‘one of the most important family campsites in southern Europe’. This is largely due to the full range of accommodation options, activities, and services. Most notable are the camping spots, the mobile homes, the natural habitat, the nightly shows, the animations, a farm, archery, a talent show, and free bus transport to the beach. 

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