EasyJet to expand flight routes significantly in Spain

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MADRID – Despite all the climate pressure to fly less, EasyJet has announced that it will significantly expand its flight routes in Spain. The airline will open 16 new routes from five Spanish airports in the summer of 2024.

This expansion marks the opening of the airline’s fourth operating base in Alicante, joining its existing bases in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Málaga.

Nine connections from Alicante

The new EasyJet flight routes, which can be booked from November, include nine connections from Alicante to cities such as;

  • Southampton
  • Newcastle
  • Belfast City
  • Zurich
  • Prague
  • Lyon
  • Lille
  • Nantes
  • Nice

These routes will start between March 31 and May 5 and together offer more than 125,000 seats.

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New routes from Málaga and Madrid

Málaga will see the addition of three routes to Athens, Nice and Nantes, providing more than 30,000 seats, while Madrid-Barajas will introduce a new route to Lyon with around 10,000 seats available from March 31.

Barcelona-El Prat and Reus

Barcelona-El Prat and Reus have also not been left behind, with Barcelona opening a new route to Pisa and Reus set to have two new connections to London Luton and Manchester. These routes will add more than 4,000 and 25,000 seats respectively to EasyJet’s network.

Since EasyJet launched in Spain in 1996 with an initial route from Barcelona to London Luton, the airline has transported almost 224 million passengers to and from Spain, and continues to expand its services to meet growing customer demand for more destination options .

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