Ryanair to double flights to London from Castellón airport this summer

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Castellón Airport is gearing up for the upcoming summer months with a significant boost in its connectivity, particularly with flights to London.

Ryanair, the renowned low-cost airline, has announced it will double its flight offerings to London. This increase will see the current schedule of two weekly flights expand to four, starting April 2nd. The additional flights are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, as reflected on Ryanair’s official website.

A seasonal strategy

This improved flight connectivity is not unprecedented but showcases a faster pace compared to previous years. The four weekly flights will be operational from April 2nd until October 26th. Furthermore, they will be subject to demand-driven adjustments by the airline. The summer of 2023 witnessed a gradual increase in flights. A third flight was added in March and a fourth later in the summer season, specifically towards the end of June. Back in the summer of 2022, Ryanair had increased its annual two flights to three during the peak tourist season. 

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Beyond London: new routes and adjustments

In addition to the increased flights to London, Ryanair is set to introduce two new routes to Berlin, Germany, and Milan, Italy. These flights will be operational from March 31st. This expansion contrasts with the adjustments made by Wizz Air. This airline will reduce its three summer routes to just one. The Hungarian airline will continue its connection to Rome, Italy, with two weekly flights starting April 3rd. Earlier it eliminated its routes to Katowice, Poland, and Budapest, Hungary, due to operational reorganization. The route to Rome, alongside the year-round connection to Bucharest, Romania, ensures that Castellón Airport maintains its appeal as a summer destination.

Castellón airport’s growth aspirations

While these developments have been outlined by the airlines, Castellón Airport has yet to officially confirm the new schedule. The airport’s management calls for patience as they finalise the summer program with various operating airlines. The goal is to enhance the airport’s passenger growth this year, building on the attractive summer connections available to travellers.

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