Torrevieja will have one of Europe’s largest solar parks

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solar parks in Torrevieja

During a recent visit to the Acuamed desalination plant in Torrevieja, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced major initiatives. Initiatives that will significantly strengthen both water supplies in Spain and the commitment to renewable energy.

Sánchez emphasised the government’s commitment to obligations aimed at guaranteeing both drinking water and water for agricultural lands. To this end, the government will cooperate with all regions and governments that request it. After all, water must be available where necessary, from Catalonia to Andalucia and in other critical areas.

Investment of more than 300 million euros in Torrevieja

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to highlight the work on the expansion of the desalination plant in Torrevieja. That is the largest in Europe. With an investment of more than €300 million, the production capacity of the installation will increase from 80 to 120 hectometric cubic metres. This is an important step in the fight against drought and adaptation to climate change.

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Solar parks

In addition, Sánchez announced the construction of one of the largest solar parks in Europe. It will be located next to the desalination plant. This park will supply the installation with energy. According to the Prime Minister’s calculations, this will reduce the cost of desalinated water by 4 cents per cubic metre.

Since 2018, the government has already invested €2.2 billion in water management projects across the country. Sánchez emphasised that water policy is the highest priority within the government’s agenda. The plans are announced at a time when two areas in Andalucia and Catalonia have declared a state of emergency due to drought. Water restrictions now apply there.

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