Fire in Valencia evolves favourably after a quiet night

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencia fire

PROVíNCIA DE VALèNCIA – The fire that broke out in Venta del Moro (Valencia) on Sunday afternoon is evolving favourably after a “quiet” night in which the area cooled and firefighters used drones with a thermal camera to detect hot spots.

As reported at 7.15 am by the Valencian Community emergency service 112, various personnel were working on the fire. These included three crewmembers from the Valencia Fire Brigade, an officer, two sergeants, and four coordinators. There were also four Generalitat forest fire units in attendance. In addition, four fire-fighting planes were operating, assisted by a surveillance plane and a helicopter, according to the same sources. 

Helped by the rain

Late on Tuesday afternoon, the regional justice minister, Gabriela Bravo, pointed out that the rain has been a great help, along with the 80% increase in humidity. This would have significantly reduced the activity of the flames. The minister remained cautious due to the proximity of the flames to the Natural Park of Hoces del Cabriel and the presence of an immense mass of forest. The orography of this landscape is very complicated due to deep canyons and dense vegetation. 

Cogesa Expats

Moreover, according to the latest data from Tuesday, 1,300 hectares have been destroyed. 

Extreme risk

On Wednesday there is an ‘extreme risk’ of forest fires in the interior of the province of Valencia. In the province of Alicante, the risk is ‘very high’. 

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