Is Spain set for a sweltering August?

by Lorraine Williamson
hot August

MADRID – With July already marked as the hottest month globally, all eyes are now on August. Typically, August, along with July, is the warmest month of the year in Mediterranean nations like Spain. 

“The era of global warming has transitioned to an era of global overheating,” commented UN Secretary-General António Guterres this Thursday, referencing the near-record temperatures. So, what’s the word from Spanish meteorologists regarding August’s forecast? 

Meteorologists from suggest that Spain might continue to experience temperatures above the usual averages this August. Typically, Spain’s average temperature in August hovers around 23.9ºC with an average rainfall of 23mm. However, these figures can vary significantly across regions. For instance, areas in the south, like the interiors of Andalucia and Extremadura, often see highs around 36ºC and lows near 20ºC. 

Will the brief respite from the intense heat at the start of August persist? And are we in for more rainfall than usual, as some weather experts, including young Jorge Rey, have previously predicted? 

The temperature anomalies are expected to be less pronounced in Spain’s far north and the Canary Islands. And as for rainfall, August might commence slightly drier than usual in parts of the western half, including areas like Extremadura, southern Castilla y León, southern Galicia, and the southwestern interior of Andalucia. However, the rest of the country is likely to see typical rainfall levels. 

What’s Jorge Rey’s take? 

Self-styled weather guru, Jorge Rey, who employs the cabañuelas method for his predictions, has insights that span across Europe. He suggests that the upcoming weather might not be as pleasant as many hope. On his YouTube channel, he warns of “a stormy zone that will usher in heavy rainfall,” especially affecting countries like Germany and Austria. 

For August, Rey anticipates “depressions infiltrating our nation, bringing isolated cold air pockets.” These depressions might trigger “stormy conditions.” The 16-year-old weather enthusiast also points to the Mediterranean Sea’s unusually high temperatures as a contributing factor. 

Official meteorologists interviewed by Telecinco echo similar sentiments. They predict more thunderstorms, often accompanied by rain, heading Spain’s way. For the initial week of August, they foresee temperatures ranging between 1 and 3ºC above the average for most of Spain, barring the northwest. 

The European Centre, ECMWF, concurs with the prediction of above-average warmth. They project the third quarter of 2023 to be hotter than usual across Europe. 

Meteored goes a step further, anticipating an extremely warm latter half of August. The south, northeast, and Castilla y León are expected to be hotter than usual. Meanwhile, regions like Catalonia, parts of Aragon, Valencia, southeastern mountains, and some areas of Cantabria might experience heavier rainfall than typical. 

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