High-speed train ride between Madrid and Barcelona almost half cheaper

by Lorraine Williamson
high-speed train

MADRID – The average price for a high-speed train ride between Barcelona and Madrid has fallen by 49% since the arrival of the Ouigo train service. In addition, the demand for these rides has increased by 393%. 

The liberalisation of the railway in Spain has caused a real revolution. At first, the prices for journeys on high-speed trains have fallen. Secondly, the demand for these types of journeys has risen sharply. 

Since the arrival of provider Ouigo on the Barcelona-Madrid route, the price has fallen by 49%, according to a study conducted by Trainline. The study is based on data on the evolution of train ticket prices since rail liberalisation in Spain. 

Since the arrival of Ouigo, the first provider besides Renfe to start its service in March 2021, the average price for a train ticket has fallen by 49% compared to pre-pandemic data. 

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On the other hand, this fall in prices has resulted in increased sales of train tickets. This has quadrupled since May 2021 compared to the period before the corona pandemic. 

In addition, trains from provider Iryo are now running on the Madrid-Barcelona route since November 25, 2022. Other favourite routes of rail travellers in Spain are the ones between Madrid and Valencia, Madrid and Seville, Barcelona and Paris and Madrid and Malaga. 

Wider range and more competitive prices 

Following an agreement with Iryo, Trainline now sells tickets to all providers of high-speed train services in Spain on the Madrid-Barcelona route. This ensures a wider range for passengers and very competitive prices. People can now catch the high-speed train between Madrid and Barcelona once an hour. Soon Trainline will also be selling tickets for the Madrid-Valencia route. 

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