Severe floods and boats sank in Catalonia

by Lorraine Williamson
boats sank

MATARÓ – The Maresme area just north of the city of Barcelona was hit by severe weather on Friday. In areas such as the port of Mátaro, 90 litres of precipitation per square metre fell within an hour. One person was injured and two boats sank. 

The person was admitted to a hospital in Mátaro after a cardiac arrest in critical condition but is now out of danger. The heavy downpour also sank two boats in the harbour and caused damage to a dozen others. This is apparent from the first balance drawn up by the civil defence. For their part, the emergency services and the fire service report that they have received around a hundred reports from citizens about flooding and other forms of damage as a result of the torrential rains. 

On Friday, before the severe weather arrived, the regional government activated warnings of intense rain along the coast. The civil defence also activated an emergency plan due to the risk of flooding. 


The municipality most affected by the torrential rains is Mátaro. The capital of the Maresme region has been partially flooded. It concerns a few streets in the centre and the boulevard. Lightning strikes also damaged the installations of the Rodalies train route R1. For several hours the train could run there on only one track between Vilassar and Mátaro. 

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A 63-year-old man had to be rescued from his car, which he was trapped in when he drove through a tunnel. The fire brigade was also only able to free some cars that were stuck in the tunnel to the beach at Pas del Cargol around eight o’clock in the evening. One of the occupants had to be taken to the hospital for a check-up. 

Two boats sank 

Two boats also sank in the harbour of Mátaro due to the heavy rain. So far, no fuel has leaked. However, containment barriers have been set up to prevent possible contamination if the fuel does start to leak. 

Elsewhere in Catalonia, the storm has also caused damage through flooded cellars and garages and many reports from civilians to the fire brigade. In Vidreres, firefighters had to rescue several people from four cars that had become trapped by the water. Also in Lloret de Mar, a family had to be rescued from a car on a forest road. At a school in Calella, students were unable to leave the building for several hours due to high water. 

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