DANA causes severe storms in Spain from Friday

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DANA brings storms to Spain

From Friday to Sunday, DANA will cause storms, thunderstorms and heavy hail in many places in Spain. But after rain comes sunshine. Next week the Spanish weather service predicts maximum temperatures of 37 degrees in southern Spain.

Aemet reports the arrival of DANA on Friday will cause stormy showers. It starts with thunderstorms in the northern regions and rain towards Catalonia. The rain will slowly spread to Cantabria, the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, eastern Castile and León and some areas of Aragon on Friday and Saturday.

Code yellow and orange in Northeast Spain

In addition to heavy rain showers, the weather service also predicts thunderstorms and hail in the interior of these regions. On Friday, Aemet issues code orange for the provinces of Huesca, Lérida and Teruel. Code yellow applies in the surrounding provinces in the northeast of Spain.

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A lot of rain and thunderstorms expected inland

These strong showers will also continue on Saturday, but will slowly move towards the southeastern coast of Spain. Rain and thunderstorms continue to linger in central Spain and slowly move over the provinces of Ciudad Real, Jaén, Albacete and northern Granada on Saturday afternoon. Code yellow applies on Saturday for storms in the interior of Murcia.

On Sunday morning, only the east coast of Spain will still have to deal with showers. In the foothills of the Pyrenees, but also on the Balearic Islands, rain and thunderstorms will cause unstable weather for a little longer. These move away during Sunday to make way for the sun.

Extremely high temperatures from Tuesday

This unstable weekend looks like a harbinger of extremely sunny and warm weather. The temperatures on Sunday in many places in Spain are at least 5 degrees higher than the temperatures on Saturday. In the days after the weekend, rising temperatures will bring summery weather to Spain. Aemet predicts temperatures above 30 degrees next week. In the vicinity of the Guadalquivir, tempertaures above 37 degrees are expected from Tuesday.

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