Woman convicted of cutting off boss’s penis in Spanish bar

by Lorraine Williamson
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BARCELONA – A restaurant worker in Barcelona has been sentenced to prison for cutting off her boss’s penis. Although the woman first claimed that he tried to rape her, the Catalan police conclude that it was a very different story. 

The incident happened on the morning of June 1, in a bar in the Catalan municipality of Sant Andreu de la Barca. According to statements by the woman, the man harassed her several times and forced her to perform sexual acts. However, when the owner of the bar harassed the woman again on Tuesday morning, the woman had enough. She grabbed a knife and cut off her boss´s penis. 

Forced to perform sexual acts several times 

The owner of the bar walked to the police station after the incident where he showed his injuries. He was then rushed to hospital. A short time later, the woman turned herself in to the police station and admitted what she had done. She claimed that the man had forced her to have sex with him several times. 

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Catalan police investigate incident and charge 

Since the event, the woman has been held at a police station in Martorell. Meanwhile, detectives are investigating whether the woman acted in self-defense or not. Furthermore, the owner of the bar and witnesses have since been questioned. The police also viewed CCTV footage from the morning in question. 

Woman convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm by slicing boss´s penis

El Mundo reports on Thursday evening that the court decided to impose a provisional prison sentence on the woman. According to the police investigation, the man did not try to rape his employee and her argument that she acted in self-defense did not hold. The police also said that there are no previous charges of misconduct on the part of the bar owner. 

The police even conclude that the man and his female employee had an affair. This was initially ruled out because the man has a partner who currently resides in Bangladesh. 

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