Number of gender violence deaths doubled since May 9

by Lorraine Williamson
gender violence deaths

MADRID – Gender violence deaths in Spain have flared up again since early May. After another fatality case in Porqueres (Girona) last Thursday, the security services have been asked to tighten the measures against this violence. 

gender violence deaths

Since the state of emergency in Spain was lifted on May 9 there have been many gender violence deaths. Eight women and one minor have been killed. That is twice as many as in the first quarter of this year. Experts believe that gender violence has increased since May as aggressive men experience a loss of control over their partners due to the relaxation of restrictions. 

The latest victim was stabbed to death at her home in Porqueres on Thursday. The perpetrator turned himself in at Banyoles Police Station shortly after his violent act. The couple was known to the social services because of financial problems. However, nothing was known about their relationship problems. The fatal victim was a 48-year-old woman from Latvia, the perpetrator is a 45-year-old from Spain. 

Spanish governments horrified at gender violence deaths

All national, regional and local governments in Spain have expressed their disgust at this recent deadly gender violence. The government expressed regret for the escalation of domestic violence and the unacceptable number of fatalities in recent weeks. The municipality of Porqueres has announced 3 days of mourning following the murder of the woman. 

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It may not be the latest fatal incident, as the police are currently investigating the death of a young couple in Ibiza. The couple died after falling from the fourth floor, possibly as a result of gender violence. Shortly after the fall of the 21-year-old woman, the 26-year-old partner is said to have jumped after her. 

More focus on combating gender violence 

gender violence deaths

The Ministry of Emancipation has committed to investigate all recent cases, evaluate and improve the shortcomings of the aid. According to Minister Irene Montero, it has now turned out that in a number of cases it is too late. In the meantime, the Ministry of the Interior has instructed the National Police and the Guardia Civil to deploy more manpower in the fight against gender violence, i.e. to implement prevention measures and to protect the victims and their children. 

Apart from the incident in Ibiza, 16 women have already been killed in Spain this year as a result of violence by their (ex) partners. Eight of the victims had a foreign nationality, most of the perpetrators (14 out of 16) are from Spain. Six minors lost their mothers as a result of this violence and two minors were also killed by their fathers. 

In 4 of the 16 cases, the (former) partner had already been reported for violence. Five of the 16 perpetrators also killed themselves after killing their wives. Another 3 attempted to do so. 


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