Spain opens borders on June 7 for all vaccinated travellers

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British travellers

From next Monday, June 7th, Spain opens borders to all foreign travellers vaccinated with an EU or WHO approved vaccine. This applies to all European as well as all non-European travellers.

The Spanish Prime Minister announced this last week at the international tourism fair Fitur. This is an agreement in principle;  not all details are known yet. Government sources indicated travellers must be fully vaccinated and the second shot, or in the case of the Janssen vaccine the first shot, must be given at least two weeks before arrival in Spain.

Rules similar to France

The decision has since been published in the Official Gazette (BOE). The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior are examining the details. It is not inconceivable the government will define exceptions to the announced rule. For example, for travellers from areas where new virus variants occur. Ultimately, the rules for entering Spain will be more or less similar to those set by France. The French are bringing their rules into force next Wednesday. France also uses a list of red and orange countries, depending on the risk. Travellers from these countries cannot enter France, even if fully vaccinated.

Cogesa Expats

The said ministries are also looking at the possibility of admitting travellers who have been vaccinated with vaccines other than those approved by the European Medicines Agency or the WHO. 

Good news for Latin American travellers

The message is good news for travellers from countries outside Europe or America. Spain has a close relationship with Latin America and travellers from this area can now travel to Spain again; for example for family reunification, without having to give an urgent reason.

The reopening is also good news for airlines operating flights between Spain and Latin America or Asia. Especially since many of the travellers from these parts of the world have received a WHO approved vaccine.

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