No more curfew for Valencia region and nightlife open again

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Valencia region lifts curfew from 8th June

The nightlife in the Valencia region has been closed since August 18th last year. Some companies could still open their doors as a restaurant or bar, but those were exceptions. Discos, pubs and bars can go back to work from Tuesday June 8th.

This will be to a limited extent in the first period, as sources in the sector mentioned to the regional newspaper Las Provincias. President Ximo Puig confirmed last Tuesday the curfew will be lifted from Tuesday, June 8th. “The curfew can be lifted, but other measures need to be carefully considered, such as those in the nightlife, before the doors can open here. We cannot afford a relapse,” the head of the Generalitat said of the new phase in the de-escalation. The changes will be in place until the end of June.

Social gatherings back to normal

Also, the restriction on the number of people at social gatherings will be removed in both private and public areas. In indoor and outdoor areas, a maximum of 10 people are allowed to sit together at a table. In addition, the entertainment sector will be allowed to reopen next week with the time limit of two hours per night. There will also be a capacity limitation of 50% indoors and 100% outdoors, and with a ban on dancing. The capacity limitation in places of worship, churches and other religious buildings is also coming to an end.

Low incidence rates for Valencia Community for weeks now

These measures were agreed at the interdepartmental meeting of the Generalitat for prevention and action against Covid-19,  held on Thursday morning. Valencian president, Ximo Puig, announced them later in the Palau de la Generalitat. He justified the changes based on the incidence of the coronavirus in the Valencia Community. The Community has had the lowest records in Spain and Europe for 11 weeks in a row. Currently, the incidence is 35.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (the Spanish average is 118.5).

Puig urged caution and continued adherence to physical distancing and ventilation measures to avoid contamination in indoor areas. The president pointed to a “certain increase” in infections in his region over the past two weeks that has arisen after the borders opened. Infections mainly occur among the younger population. In fact, the incidence has increased by five points over this period. Experts expected this rise due to the ongoing de-escalation.

Mask gone?

Puig also said he is in favour of the abolition of the mandatory use of the mask “in the open air, on beaches, forests and in natural parks”. However, he feels “outside these areas the obligation is fundamental, because it is the main symbol for the knowledge that the pandemic has not been overcome and on the other hand the mask has been very effective.” Central government already announced this decision will be taken soon.

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