7th June – Spain opens her borders

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Spain opens her borders from 7th June

On 7th June, Spain opens her borders to the world as long as visitors are vaccinated. Travellers will be able to enter from countries such as the US and Canada, provided they meet the requirements.

Entry will be allowed to vaccinated travellers regardless of their country of origin, and notably from the United States, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced at Madrid’s FITUR international tourism trade fair.

The move is to help galvanise the tourist industry which has been devastated by the pandemic. The world’s second most visited country before the pandemic hit, foreign tourism to Spain plunged 80% last year. With tourism accounting for 12% of Spain’s GDP, restarting the industry is crucial to Spain’s economic recovery.

Some tourists can visit Spain now

Spain has already opened her borders to visitors from countries with low COVID-19 incidence rates.  As of 24th May, travellers from some low-risk countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Israel could enter Spain without a negative PCR test or quarantine.

US visitors need proof of vaccination

If you are an adult US citizen, to enter Spain you will need proof that you have been vaccinated. Travellers who have had the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least 14 days before entering Spain, will be allowed to enter without any further restrictions.

Cogesa Expats

If you are travelling as a family from the US, children do not need to be vaccinated. However, children aged 6 and over must present a negative COVID-19 test.

The same rules also apply to other countries.

International cruises also welcome

The transport minister tweeted, “Shipping companies will have to comply with measures established by the health ministry … to guarantee total security, both for cruise passengers and for the cities where they land”.

Spain banned cruise ships from docking in its ports in June 2020. A number of high-profile spreader events were linked to cruise liners around the world.

The travel and tourism industry is hopeful the summer season can be saved as Spain opens her borders.


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