A weekend in Benidorm as a versatile getaway

by Lorraine Williamson
a weekend getaway in Benidorm

Nestled along the stunning Costa Blanca coastline, Benidorm is the perfect weekend getaway as it beckons visitors with its diverse offerings and irresistible charm. Far beyond its reputation as a nightlife hotspot, this Spanish gem welcomes young families, party enthusiasts, and older generations alike, promising a multifaceted experience that caters to everyone’s desires.

From pristine beaches to hidden gems, gastronomic delights, and rich history, Benidorm has something for everyone to savour and enjoy. Benidorm is the perfect resort whether you are 1 years of age, or 101!

A family-friendly retreat for a weekend getaway or longer

For young families, Benidorm presents a playground of family-oriented activities. Start your day at Levante Beach, known for its soft golden sand and calm waters. It is perfect for building sandcastles and splashing around. A visit to Aqualandia water park promises thrilling slides, splash zones, and relaxation areas for parents. Don’t miss Terra Natura, a unique zoo that offers both traditional animal exhibits and an immersive safari experience. A visit to Algar water falls is also a must.

There are also two islands you can easily visit within a weekend trip. The first is Peacock Island which is within easy reach. And the second is Tabarca Island. Boats depart from the harbour in the old town. The water is so clear, there are plenty of restaurants, and you can even have a picnic beside the sea. The island also has a very old village.

Uncovering hidden gems

Venture beyond the well-trodden path to discover Benidorm’s hidden treasures. A walk up to the Balcón del Mediterráneo viewpoint offers breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline, while the Old Town (Casco Antiguo) with its narrow streets and charming squares gives a glimpse into the town’s history. Tucked away in these alleys are local shops, boutiques, and quaint cafes serving authentic Spanish delights.

Culinary delights

Benidorm’s culinary scene caters to all tastes. But, for a taste of traditional Spanish cuisine, head to the Old Town, where tapas bars offer an array of small dishes bursting with flavours. Seafood enthusiasts can relish in the fresh catch of the day at seaside chiringuitos, while international eateries cater to diverse palates. Make sure to try “arroz a banda,” a local rice dish cooked in fish broth, for an authentic Valencian treat.

If you are looking for good food at good prices, then there are plenty of places that offer meal deals. There are even places in “tapas alley old town” that offer a good bottle of wine, or a jug of sangria plus 6 tapas for under €10.

Accommodation and transportation

Benidorm provides a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences. Families can opt for family-friendly resorts with pools and entertainment, while older generations might prefer boutique hotels with serene atmospheres. For party animals, beachfront hotels near the nightlife scene are a perfect choice.

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Getting to Benidorm is a breeze with Alicante International Airport just an hour’s drive away. Regular bus services and train connections also make it accessible for those without a car.

Catering to all tastes

Benidorm’s multifaceted charm extends to every generation. The town’s reputation as a party destination is well-deserved, with a lively nightlife scene catering to party animals. The Strip is dotted with vibrant bars and nightclubs that come alive after sunset.

However, Benidorm is not limited to just parties. The town has worked hard to shed its stereotype, offering a rich tapestry of history and traditions. From local festivals celebrating Benidorm’s patron saint, San Jaime, to traditional parades and folk dances, visitors can immerse themselves in the town’s authentic culture.

Traditional bars

If you are looking for traditional UK pubs, there is so much choice. In Spain News with the help of Russel and Myra from Scotland, have chosen a few for you to try. These are;

  • Tommy´s Bar
  • Western Saloon
  • Morgan Tavern

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Benidorm’s allure transcends its clichéd reputation, offering an array of experiences that resonate with young families, party enthusiasts, and older generations alike. Its sandy beaches, hidden gems, culinary delights, and vibrant cultural scene make it a versatile destination that caters to diverse tastes. So whether you’re looking to bask in the sun, savour local cuisine, explore history, or dance the night away, Benidorm promises an unforgettable getaway for all.

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