Climate activists glue hands to Madrid airport runway

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climate activists

MADRID – Early this morning (Friday), two activists from the ecological group Futuro Vegetal entered a runway of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport and glued their hands to the asphalt.

This action was intended to disrupt air traffic and draw attention to the fact that, in their view, “no political party” running in Sunday’s general election is proposing “sufficient measures” to address the “climate crisis”.

The activists managed to bypass airport security at around 6.00 am in the morning. Furthermore, they carried a banner with the text ‘The united people functions without party’, according to a statement from Futuro Vegetal.

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With this protest action, the group wants to make an “appeal” to the population, regardless of the outcome of the July 23 elections, “to organise against the most serious consequences of the climate crisis”.

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In their statement, Futuro Vegetal expressed their “concern” about the elections in which “no political party” is proposing measures that are proportionate to the “threat” of climate change.

An organised society is needed

“It is clear that not all parties are equal, but also that only an organised society can stimulate the changes necessary to have a habitable area,” they emphasise.


In the statement, Futuro Vegetal accuses “certain politicians” of having “open denial views”. However, they also criticize “others” giving a “false impression” that they are taking the climate crisis “seriously”. Their proposals, they say, are just “minor reforms” that only strengthen the “system that led to this situation”.

According to the group, their campaign is not aimed at promoting abstinence in the elections, but instead calls for “building together” to bridge differences and interests.

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