Climate activists raid luxury beach club in Ibiza

by Lorraine Williamson
Climate activists raid Ibiza club

IBIZA – A group of environmental activists raided a luxury beach club in Sant Josep (Ibiza) on Tuesday to criticise the climate crisis. The activists focused their protest on the unsustainability of the lifestyles of the super-rich in the face of the climate crisis. 

With banners in English, protesters from the Futuro Vegetal and Extinction Rebellion organisations chanted slogans such as “Private jets and mega yachts = climate and energy injustice” and “You consume, others suffer”. Eventually, security guards from the Blue Marlin Club managed to remove the protesting group from the interior. 

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With ‘+1.5ÂșC’ written on the wall, the activists referred to the temperature increase set as a limit in the Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty on climate change. According to climate activists, “everything indicates that this limit will be exceeded this decade”. 

Campaign ‘Jets and yachts’ 

Tuesday’s action is part of a campaign under the slogan ‘Jets and yachts, the party is over’, initiated by the platform Eivissa es rebel·la, which unites several local climate organisations. It aims “to cause disturbances throughout the week in Ibiza” to demand “the ban on private jets and the abolition of luxury emissions”. 

Baycrest Wealth

‘Luxury emissions from mega-rich first up 

Futuro Vegetal called for tackling the ‘luxury emissions’ of the so-called ‘mega-rich’ first in light of the “climate crisis”. “The dissolute lifestyle of a minority cannot be allowed to cause climate chaos for the rest of the population,” the organisation said in a press release. 

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They further emphasised that “society is facing unprecedented extreme climate events that will worsen, requiring immediate reductions in emissions to avoid worst-case scenarios.” They added: “But Ibiza promotes a lifestyle that destroys the planet and the lives of millions of people and other animals”. 

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