The most beautiful waterfalls in Spain

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When you think of waterfalls, you quickly think of Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls or the falls of Iguazú. But to see beautiful waterfalls, you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world. Spain also has beautiful examples.

Waterfalls can be found all over Spain. However, it is not necessarily the highest that are the most impressive. Where one has the beauty of its environment, the other is unique in its kind by flowing into the sea. Below is a selection of ten waterfalls that, each in their own way, are worth visiting.

Cascada de Artazul

In the Basque Country, in the province of Navarra, there is a gorge that has much to offer the adventurous mountaineer: Cañón de Artazul. But this is not only a beautiful area for mountaineers, the waterfall of Artazul is also worth a visit. Not always the same amount of water flows, but the effects of the 40-metre-high natural force are clearly visible even without a large current. In winter, the waterfall can freeze, which can also make for spectacular photos.

Cascada Cola de Caballo Monasterio de Piedra

In the province of Zaragoza in the Ordesa valley is the waterfall Cola de Caballo (horsetail). The waterfall is located in the national park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, where more beautiful waterfalls and the monastery Monasterio de Piedra can be found. At 90 metres high, this is one of the highest waterfalls in Spain and, perhaps because of this, for many the most beautiful. At the bottom of the Cola de Caballo is the cave Gruta Iris, which is also worth a visit.

Origin of the Cuervo River

In the province of Cuenca, near the village of Vega del Codorno, the Cuervo River arises at an altitude of 1469 metres. The water comes from the source here, runs past huge stalactites and eventually ends up as a waterfall in the river via the rocks. This special scene was declared a natural monument in 1999. Furthermore, in winter, this waterfall takes on an extra dimension when the water jets freeze.

Cascada del Ezaro

ezaro waterfall

In Galicia, on the Costa da Morte, lies the river Jallas. The special thing about this river is that it is the only one in Spain, and one of the few in Europe, that flows into the sea in the form of a waterfall. The water falls from a height of around 40 metres directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the waterfall has not run dry since 2011. However, like any waterfall, it is more impressive during the rainy season. Every now and then there are occasions when the waterfall is illuminated.

Chorros del Rio Mundo


The Mundo River is a tributary of the Segura, which rises in the province of Albacete through a pair of impressive waterfalls that together reach more than 300 metres. These waterfalls are located in the Parque Natural de los Calares del Mundo y de la Sima Natural Park. There are two trails that lead to the falls. The most common is along a well-trodden path that leads to a lookout point from which the origin of the river can be clearly seen. The other route is only suitable for experienced hikers and climbers and leads past several impressive caves.

Cogesa Expats

Garganta de las Nogaledas

In Cáceres, in the Jerte valley, lies the waterfall of las Nogaledas. It is not a high waterfall, but the environment with rocks and lots of greenery makes it a real picture. And if you go in the spring, the cherry trees in bloom make this picture even more magical. The walking route to the waterfall is already very worthwhile. It follows the natural path of the river and surprises the hiker with the beautiful nature with small waterfalls. Furthermore, it is an easy route and therefore suitable for every walker.

Cascada de Orbaneja del Castillo

In the province of Burgos, in the Páramos region, is Orbaneja del Castillo, a small town where water predominates. The Ebro River splits the town in two. The biggest tourist attraction, however, is the waterfall of no less than 25 metres high, which flows into various water pools via several ‘steps’. The town itself stands out for its red roofs. The enchanting picture is completed by the cliffs and rocks that surround Orbaneja del Castillo. Don’t forget to visit one of the water caves, such as the Cueva del Agua, the starting point of the water of the waterfall, or the Cueva del Azar, known for its rock paintings.

Cascadas del Purgatorio

Cascada purgatorio

This waterfall actually consists of two waterfalls, which together create the stream of Aguilón. It is in the town of Rascafría, Madrid, in the valley of Lozoya in the Guadarrama Mountains. The waterfall can only be reached on foot via a walking route of about six kilometres, which also leads to a spectacular viewpoint.

Cascada del Sorrosal

The waterfall of Sorrosal is located near the town of Broto in the province of Huesca. The waterfall is the transition from the river Sorrosal of the same name to the river Ara. You can get close to the water, which clatters down from 60 metres high, with all the consequences that entails (getting wet). This is not so bad for a hot summer day, but keep in mind the amount of water in the summer will be less than the rest of the year. The waterfall is easy to reach on foot and therefore also suitable for (small) children.

Cascada del Xibluc

In the province of Asturias there is a beautiful walking route of about 10 kilometres that runs along the beach forest Hayedo de Montegrande to the waterfall of Xiblu. This waterfall consists of three parts that cover about 100 metres over the different levels. As the route runs through the forest, this waterfall is also well worth a visit in the autumn.

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