Two cities with the highest humidity in Europe are in Spain

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Spain, a country best known for its sunny climate and rich cultural heritage, has acquired a new, lesser-known title: the country is home to Europe’s most humid cities.

According to a recent survey of humidity levels worldwide, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia top the European list, with 116.8 and 111.8 days of extreme humidity per year respectively.

Singapore is in the lead

Singapore tops the list with an unprecedented 365 days a year of high humidity. The Asian city is followed by Macapa in Brazil and Cartagena in Colombia. Humidity is also high in these two cities all year round. Honolulu is the most humid city in the United States, with 337.1 days of uncomfortable humidity per year. In the UK, Portsmouth has the dubious honour, while Hamilton is the wettest city in Canada and Cairns is the wettest city in Australia.

Cogesa Expats

Housefresh’s research also shows that Spain stands out in Europe. The study focused on dew point temperature – a measure of how comfortable or uncomfortable the humidity feels. This shows that seven countries worldwide have cities where humidity persists all year round. Surprisingly, two Spanish cities rank among the top in Europe, followed by Naples in Italy with 109.9 days of high humidity.

The influence of African weather phenomena

The study points to the influence of African weather phenomena on the south of Europe. As a result, countries such as Italy and Spain experience significant humidity levels. Climate scientist Hannah Cloke describes the situation as a “giant pizza oven”, particularly for Italy and surrounding countries.

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