August says goodbye to Spain with severe weather

by Lorraine Williamson
severe weather and storms

WEATHER – On Monday, severe weather alerts for heat, rain, and storms. Furthermore, these may be accompanied by hail and high winds. And will apply to eight Spanish regions. Heavy showers are expected in the northern Valencia region and southern and inland Catalonia. 

Weather alerts apply to Andalucia, Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, Teruel and the Valencia region. Extremadura gets code orange because of temperatures of up to 40 degrees. This is according to information published by the Spanish weather institute Aemet on Sunday evening. 


Extreme heat is expected in Badajoz, where maximums are estimated to be between 39 and 40 degrees. Additionally, in Cáceres, the thermometers will rise to 38 or 39 degrees. Also, minimum temperatures in both provinces are expected to be particularly high. 

Hot in Andalucia 

In Andalucia, temperatures will hover around 39 degrees – and occasionally over 40 degrees in Córdoba and Jaén. Sevilla and Huelva will reach 38 degrees with Almería at 36 degrees. 

Orange alarm for rain 

Meanwhile, in the Aragon region, there is an orange alarm for rain in the province of Teruel. This is expected to reach 20 litres per square metre in an hour. Also, the rain here will be accompanied by storms and possibly hail showers. Likewise for the southern coastal area of Catalonia and the coast of Castellón and Valencia provinces. 

Cogesa Expats

Atmospheric instability starts on Monday and will shape the weather for the rest of the week, Aemet says. Spokesperson, Rubén del Campo, reported these rains “can leave more than 15 to 20 litres of water per square metre in under an hour”. Furthermore, there is a chance “that they will be accompanied by hail or strong wind gusts on Monday”. 

Also in other areas in the north and east of the peninsula, it will be cloudy with showers and occasional storms in mountainous environments. Especially in the central part and the northwest of the country. 

Whereas the west coast of Galicia will experience fog banks. And morning mist will dominate inland Galicia, in the eastern third of the Peninsula, and near the Ebro. 


In the Mediterranean and on the Cantabrian coast there is an easterly wind. It will be powerful on the north coast of Galicia. In the Strait of Gibraltar, the wind will come from the west. And in the Canary Islands there will be trade winds. 

Weather from Wednesday 

Several low-pressure areas may influence the weather in Spain from September 1. This will ensure the rains continue, in the form of heavy showers in the northern half of the peninsula, without excluding the southern plateau and inland southeast. These rains will be “more intense and frequent” in the mountains and surrounding areas. Likewise, “occasional” rain cannot be ruled out in other parts of the peninsula and in the Canary Islands, where there will be cloudiness in the north of the mountainous islands, with possible “light rain”. On the other hand, southern Extremadura and western Andalucia have less chance of rain. 

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