Spanish restaurant owners hopeful after Granada court ruling

by Lorraine Williamson
restaurant owners claim

GRANADA – More than 100 restaurant owners in Spain are claiming their loss of income through their insurance companies. This is as a result of the mandatory closure during the corona pandemic. It follows after an owner in Granada received €80,000 euros plus interest when he was found to be in the right by the Spanish court. 

Shortly after the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain, the Spanish government imposed a mandatory closure on, among other things, the catering industry in Spain. For months, owners of restaurants, bars, and discos had to keep their doors closed to prevent the virus from spreading. Consequently, nothing could be earned in these months. 

Hope through court decision in Granada 

Currently, there are still various measures in force per region. This means restaurant owners are far from being able to make up for their lost turnover. However, catering owners became hopeful when a judge in Granada ruled in favour of a restaurant owner and ordered his insurer pay €80,000 plus interest. 

Cogesa Expats

In March 2020, this catering business was also forced to close its doors for almost three months. However, he was insured for the loss of income as a result of the mandatory closure of his business. 

Insured for loss of income 

Law firm MLegal in Spain informed the Spanish news site EuropaPress that many claims are now coming in from catering owners who now also want to take their case to court. However, one of the lawyers says not all owners are insured for these costs. Also, not all cases will go to court. His estimate is that only a small percentage of owners will be insured for this. 

The aforementioned restaurant owner could claim compensation for the costs incurred because he had taken out additional cover. As a result, the costs of compulsory closing, for whatever reason, were insured. However, the owner may have paid a much higher premium for this. But this ultimately ensured his losses were covered. 


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