AliExpress opens new store in Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
nederlandse orthopeed

MALAGA – AliExpress, the popular Asian retail giant, is all set to open its first store in Malaga, Spain. The store, located in the Plaza Mayor shopping centre, will officially open its doors to the public on Saturday, March 11.  

The new AliExpress Plaza store in Malaga will replace the Xiaomi store in the shopping area of the mall, next to Mediamarkt. The new outlet will feature a wide range of products for children, cooking, and sports, in addition to a variety of Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and Harry Potter items. AliExpress Plaza stores across Spain offer customers an array of products under the slogan, ‘If you can imagine it, it’s on AliExpress.’ 

AliExpress Plaza stores are not new to Spain. The Chinese online sales platform belonging to the massive Alibaba group has been operating physical stores in the country since 2019. Currently, there are eight AliExpress stores nationwide, primarily located in the Madrid and Barcelona areas. 

Cogesa Expats

Changes at Plaza Mayor

The opening of the AliExpress store in Malaga comes at a time of change in the shopping centre. Other new stores that have recently opened in Plaza Mayor include Etxart Panno, a popular fashion firm, and the highly anticipated perfumery firm, Druni, which is expected to open soon. 

The Xiaomi store, which had been located in the Plaza Mayor unit since October 2018, was its first store in the province. There are two other Xiaomi stores in the Larios shopping centre in Malaga and El Ingenio in Vélez-Málaga. 

Expansion and growth

The opening of the AliExpress store in Malaga marks the company’s continued expansion and growth in the Spanish market. With its unique range of products and a reputation for quality and affordability, AliExpress is poised to become a major player in the Spanish retail landscape. 


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