UK/Spanish driving license exchange update

by Lorraine Williamson
license exchange

Hugh Elliot, British Ambassador to Spain and Andorra has given the latest update on the UK/Spanish driving license exchange.

Although he still cannot give an exact date as to when the license exchange process will be resolved, there has been progress, and the next steps will be taken.

Close to finalising the license exchange agreement

The UK and Spain are now in agreement on the core issues that have been problematic up until now. And, as such, they are very close to finalising the actual detail of the agreement. This could even happen as early as next week.

Once this is done, there are various legal aspects to be fulfilled regarding the license exchange agreement. There are language checks and political approvals that both countries must agree. These procedures are unavoidable as it will form part of an international treaty. Furthermore, the Spanish Council of Ministers needs to formally approve it.

Cogesa Expats

End of July?

As the processes are not entirely in UK hands, Elliot is unable to make any promises or give an exact date. However, he estimated everything could be agreed and people could be back on the road by the end of July.

In the meantime, they are doing everything they can where possible to speed up the process at every point.

Local support groups

As before, Elliot acknowledged that many people were finding great difficulties not being able to drive. Especially now, it is even more difficult to walk to school or the shops etc in the heat. He urged people to reach out to local support options if they are vulnerable or contact their local consulate. Details of which can be found on

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