Saturday scam alert

by Lorraine Williamson
Saturday scam

On Saturdays, look at some of the most recent scams that are going around. Please alert your family, friends, and colleagues to these as many are very convincing.

If you receive a message on your mobile phone from your bank saying you cannot use your cards until you update your account – IGNORE this. The bank will never ask for data or information via SMS or email. Delete the message!

According to the Guardia Civil, the message may read something like this;

“Online Security:

From 19th June 2022, you cannot use your cards if you don´t update the security on your account”.

It will urge you to do this immediately. It´s a scam!

Dropbox scam

Another scam going around now is, an email campaign pretending to be the cloud storage platform, Dropbox. It uses a link as the hook, which then takes you to a fake page. At this point you are requested to enter your access details.  

Cogesa Expats

Be careful when following links and downloading email attachments, even from known contacts. Always Check the URL of the web page. Type the URL of the website directly into the browser, instead of clicking on the links provided from third-party pages or in emails.

If there is no certificate, or if it does not correspond to the site you are accessing, do not provide any kind of personal information such as username, password, bank details, etc.

If you are in any doubt, contact the company directly, or with a trusted third party, such as the Internet Security Office (OSI) of INCIBE.

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Look out for our next Saturday Scams Alert article.


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