Email scam alert

by Lorraine Williamson
email scam

This week´s regular scam alert information from the Guardia Civil is to bring your attention to a fraudulent email campaign. The email impersonates Banco Santander, and has the subject “Santander Spain CUSTOMER SERVICE – your account needs attention”. 

The email scam says your account has been identified as not having been updated and verified for some time. They continue to say that this is against their security guidelines.


Therefore, they recommend that you carry out the verification of your data as soon as possible in order to prevent having your account temporarily suspended or blocked.

They advise that the procedure is simple and quick to perform. Furthermore, they ask you to click on the button link at the bottom of the email to begin the verification process.

email scamFake website

You are then directed to a fake website with the sole intention of stealing your personal information. Do not click on the link.

If you have given information

However, if you have received an email like this, have accessed the link, and provided your access date (document number and password, etc), contact your bank as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is recommended that you change the password of all those services in which you may use the same one.

Cogesa Expats

Error message

If you have entered the access credentials, an error message will be displayed asking you to try again. However, by this point, the cybercriminals will have already obtained the information they were after.


If you receive any communication you think is suspicious, always check the URL. You can do this by typing your bank´s URL directly into the search bar, not by clicking the link. Do not download attachments or click on any links. 

It should be noted that, in this case, as in many others the wording of the email has slight spelling errors. Furthermore, neither your name nor your surname will have been used in the mail greeting.

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