Missing persons in Spain in June

by Lorraine Williamson

People go missing all the time. Some through disorientation, some through choice, and others not! However, thankfully the majority of missing persons are usually found.

From various television series, we are accustomed to hearing that you cannot report a person missing within the first 24 hours. However, according to the National Centre for the Disappeared (CNEDS), this is not true. Furthermore, they state, “the report must be made as quickly as possible from the moment a person goes missing”.

Contact the police immediately

If you believe someone to be missing and have checked their home address in case they have had an accident and can´t move, then contact the police immediately. If you contact them personally, the report should be made at the police station closest to where the missing person resides. You can also call the following numbers:

  • Guardia Civil: 062
  • National Police: 091

Helpful information for the police

When reporting a missing person, it is important to have certain information available to help the police in their search. This includes:

  • Full name, and date of birth of the missing person
  • Day, time and place the person went missing or was last seen.
  • Physical description (height, weight, hair, and eye colour, etc.)
  • What the person was wearing at the time including accessories such as glasses, hat, bag, jewellery etc
  • Recent photograph
  • If the person is suffering from any neurodegenerative disease, has any type of impairment (mental, physical, sensory or intellectual), lacks autonomy (elderly people, persons with mobility problems, any physical disability or medical condition, etc.)
  • If the person is following a medical treatment or is taking any type of vital medication
  • Any other relevant information.

Missing persons in the first week of June

Here are just some of the people who have been reported missing during the first week of this month. If you have any information on any of these people, please contact the authorities. Moreover, if they have gone missing in your local area, please share, and hopefully with citizen collaboration, these missing persons can be reunited with their friends and families.

missing person



Missing since June 1, 14-year-old Beatriz Zmau disappeared from SAN PEDRO DEL PINATAR, MURCIA. She is 1.65m tall and weighs around 55kg. She is a redhead with long, straight hair and blue eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing baggy clothes, jeans, and a grey T-shirt.

Cogesa Expats


Mar Jazmin



Also reported missing on June 1, this 16-year-old girl from Madrid was last seen in SAN SEBASTIAN DE LOS REYES. She has long, curly, brown hair and green eyes. She is slim built, weighing around 60kg and is 1.7m tall.



Daniel missing



Daniel is just 16-years-of-age, and he disappeared on June 2 from VALLEHERMOSO, SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE. He is 1.6m high and around 70kg. He has a pale complexion and short, black, curly hair with dark eyes.



missing person



Twenty-three-year-old, Tarik went missing on June 5 from Palma de Mallorca. He is also 1.6m high and around 70kg. He has short, curly black hair and dark eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing tracksuit bottoms, a sweater, and black and white tennis-type trainers.


missing person



Juán has been missing since June 6 from the Elda area of Alicante. He is 59-years-of-age, suffers from senile dementia, and has walking difficulties. He needs medication. Furthermore, he is 1.75m tall, with grey hair and brown eyes.






Reported missing since June 6 from NIJAR, ALMERÍA, Hamid is 42 years old. He has a normal build, is partially bald, weighs around 70kg, and is 1.6m tall. His hair and eyes are brown.

Help the police find these missing persons. This is only a selection of those missing. Furthermore, for full details, click here.

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