Human remains found belonging to the disappeared Juan Miguel Isla Fernandez

by Lorraine Williamson
human remains

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA – The Guardia Civil carried out a search on a farm in Ciudad Real as part of the framework of the investigation into the disappearance of Mr Juan Miguel Isla Fernández. Police have since confirmed human remains were found, and identified as belonging to the missing man.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023 the Guardia Civil carried out actions in the province of Ciudad Real aimed at clarifying the disappearance of Mr Juan Miguel Isla Fernández, who has been missing since 22 July 2022. Specifically, a farm near the town of Valdepeñas was of interest to the police. The investigation, carried out by Agents of the Central Operating Unit and the Ciudad Real Command, was directed by the Manzanares Investigating Court No. 2.

Human remains found

During the search, police located skeletal remains in a well of the farm registered near the town of Valdepeñas. Subsequently, two people have been arrested. Both are of Spanish nationality living in the Ciudad Real province. The remains were later confirmed through biological analysis and identified as belonging to Mr Juan Miguel Isla Fernández.

SOS Desaparecidos

Mr Juan Miguel Isla Fernández had been reported missing last July, and was one of many on the SOS Desaparecidos website.

Missing person cases are unfortunately not uncommon, and they can happen for various reasons, such as abduction or other criminal activities, running away, mental health issues, or accidents. When someone goes missing, it can be a traumatic and stressful experience for their loved ones, and it’s essential to report the case to the authorities as soon as possible.

SOS Desaparecidos is a non-profit organisation in Spain that works to raise awareness and help locate missing persons. They collaborate with law enforcement agencies, media outlets, and volunteers to disseminate information about missing persons, share their photos and descriptions, and provide support to their families.

SOS Desaparecidos also runs a hotline (+34 649 952 957) and a website where people can report missing persons or provide information on ongoing cases. They work closely with law enforcement agencies and other organisations involved in missing persons cases to ensure that information is shared effectively and that missing persons are located as quickly as possible.

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