UEFA Champions League Final ticket scam

by Lorraine Williamson
champions league ticket scam uncovered

Following the ticket chaos at the UEFA Champions League Final, the Guardia Civil launched a scam investigation into a “person of interest”. This was for the alleged crime of fraud through the internet for selling fake tickets.

The investigation began on May 25. This was as a result of a complaint by a man from Avila in the autonomous community of Castile and León.  He advised about the online scam after having purchased 2 tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final; Real Madrid v Liverpool game. The investigators were able to verify the online portal where the tickets had been purchased, and where the payment had been made.

Stopped in time

As a result of the alert, the Guardia Civil were able to warn another 14 people about the scam before they sent the money. Had the payments gone through, it would have amounted to €1,500.

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If you think you may have been a victim of this type of scam, it is very important to file the corresponding complaint, regardless of the monetary value. By going personally to the Guardia Civil and taking any possible documentation along with screen shots of online conversations.

Often if the scam is not for a lot of money, people don´t always complain. But in the same way, the scammers are counting on this and are targeting huge volumes of victims.

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