These are the most expensive and cheapest Spanish cities this summer

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish cities

The rise in the cost of living by the strong increase in the consumer price index CPI and the war in Ukraine also affect the prices of holidays in Spanish cities. These have risen sharply. 

Going on holiday in Spain for a week costs €1,464 on average in August. That is 24% more than a year ago, when it cost €1,201, and 56% more than in 2020 (€1,052). This is according to a study by price comparator Rastreator.  

The differences are huge 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife ranks as the cheapest destination, with an average price of €888, 39% cheaper than the national average. It is followed by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with an average of €983, and Seville, with €1,128, according to the ranking of prices of the most visited cities in Spain.  

Palma de Mallorca (€2,382), Gijón (€1,987) and Cadiz (€1,931) are among the most expensive cities, with prices up to 63% above the national Spanish average.  

Hotel stays 

The average cost for a seven-day, six-night stay in a three-star hotel this year in the first week of August is €732, according to the survey.  

In some places the price is a bit lower, such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the city with the cheapest accommodation, with an average price of €344. That is, about €57 per person per night. This is followed by Seville, with an average price of €416 (€69/night) and Granada, with €437 (€73/night).  

Cogesa Expats

Palma de Mallorca is the most expensive city to stay in, with an average price of €1,562 (€260/night), followed by Gijón, with €1,163 (€194/night), and Cadiz, with €1,096 (€183/night).  

Rental cars also very expensive this year 

The high demand for hire cars and scarcity of new vehicles has led to a rise in prices compared to previous years. However, there are large differences between the destinations.  

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the cheapest city to rent a car, with prices 40% lower than the average (€422). Santa Cruz de Tenerife (€285) and A Coruña (€298) follow, while Palma de Mallorca (€505), Almeria (€554) and Cadiz (€584) are the most expensive destinations.  

Large differences in petrol prices too 

Not only the prices for car hire are low in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Also the average petrol prices are among the lowest in Spain: respectively 40% and 32% below the national average. 

Leisure and restaurants  

Although Cadiz is among the three most expensive cities to travel to, leisure and restaurant prices are attractive. A dinner in the city centre costs an average of €25, 15% below the average. The prices of a beer or a coffee in the centre are 42% and 38% lower than the national average. The centre of Barcelona takes the crown with the average prices of a dinner (€37) and a coffee (€3.73). 

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