The final of the 2021/22 Champions League

by Lorraine Williamson
Champions League Final winners

FOOTBALL – The final of the UEFA Champions League took place at the Stade de France in Paris last night. Liverpool went into the game against Real Madrid as favourites.

However, today, the match is not the most talked about event. Even before kick-off, there were problems. The start was delayed by 37 minutes due to “security issues”. Match organisation has been slammed all over social media including Tweets from Gary Lineker…

According to official reports, turnstiles were blocked due to fans having bought fake tickets. This meant massive queues outside the stadium as people were prevented from entering.

Lack of organisation

However, as reported and filmed by various media, it was lack of organisation that caused the problems. 20,000 Liverpool fans had been waiting outside the stadium, some up to 4 hours. The area allocated for this was nowhere near large enough, resulting in fans being crammed together. French police were literally checking tickets one by one, and then directing the fans to use 2 turnstiles.

Pepper spray and tear gas

In the meantime, what appeared to be local youths started climbing the fences and running into the stadium. Police then started randomly using pepper spray and tear gas.

Some readers may find the scenes in this video footage from Gunners Daily upsetting.

Opening ceremony

Well after the designated kick-off time, the players came onto the pitch to warm up. This was followed by the official opening ceremony featuring Camila Cabello.


Finally at 9.37 pm local time, the match began. Both sides seem to be playing defensively, and there was little action. Real Madrid were given a corner, but the chance was wasted. Liverpool had a couple of shots on target, but nothing too threatening. The match continued like a game of chess.

Cogesa Expats

Liverpool then had their chance with a corner, Henderson delivered a powerful shot, but nowhere near the target.


Then, just before half time the first real action happened. There was confusion between the Liverpool keeper and his defenders, and this allowed Benzema to hit the ball home. However, there were questions as to whether it was offside, or a penalty. Therefore, the referee left the decision to VAR. A no-goal was declared as Benzema was offside as he received the ball for the second time inside the box.

The first half finished goalless!

Second half of the Champions League final

Liverpool started the second half with the upper hand, and Salah had two attempts at goal denied. Then in the 59th minute, 21-year-old Vini Jnr made history and scored the goal of his lifetime. Salah tried to level the score, with four more dangerous attempts but again and again, Courtois made some amazing saves.

Then in the final minutes of the game, a close chance came for the Madrid side with a clever one-two from Benzema and Vini Jnr, but it is intercepted on the edge of the area.

Six minutes were added for stoppage time, and in the penultimate minute, Courtois made yet another spectacular save.

Champions League winners

Real Madrid became Champions League winners for the 14th time.

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