What to do if you receive a traffic fine in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
traffic fine

If you receive a traffic fine in Spain, you have several options. These options include how and where to pay, but also what to do in the event of a dispute or appeal.

Notification of a traffic fine is sent to you by post. However, if they have not been able to reach you at the address registered, the fine will be published on TESTRA. This is the DGT´s electronic noticeboard. At the same time, it is published on the BOE´s Single Edictal Board (TEU).

Considered notified

Once the fine has been either successfully delivered to your home or uploaded to TESTRA or TEU, the DGT considers that 20 days after publication, you have been notified. Therefore, you are responsible to pay the fine or contest it.

How do I know if I have a traffic fine?

If you have changed address and have not notified the DGT, there is a possibility you have outstanding fines. You may even have had points deducted from your license that you are unaware of.

The easiest way to find out is to download the miDGT app or access the service online. That means everything can be done from the comfort of your home. Otherwise, you can call 060 to make an appointment and then visit the Traffic Headquarters (trafico).

How much will I have to pay?

If you pay the fine within 20 days, you need only pay 50%. However, after this period, and up until day 45, the amount due is 100%. This is considered the “ordinary” period. If the fine is still outstanding after 45 days from notification, then a 20% surcharge will be added.

Can I appeal a fine?

Yes, you can go through the process of appealing. However, if you have paid within 20 days and received the discount, this is seen as accepting the fine. It is important to note that if your appeal is rejected, even if this is within 20 days, then you would be liable to pay 100%.

The main reasons for appealing are either due to wrong information on the fine, or perhaps someone else was driving your vehicle at the time. This is particularly important to advise, especially if it means points deducted from your license.

What happens if I wasn´t driving the car?

If you were not driving the car at the time of the offense, then you should advise the DGT. However, if it is simply a fine, you can opt to just pay it. If you pay it, it will be noted as if you were the driver. But if points have been deducted from your license, and you were not driving at the time, there is an obligation to inform DGT. You can be penalised if you don´t.

If you were not the driver, you must advise the DGT within 10 days of notification. You must confirm the name, surnames, DNI/TIE, passport or residence permit, and postal address of the person who was driving your vehicle.

Read here if someone regularly drives your car

How do I know if I have points?

You can check for points deducted from your license. You can also see the history and recovery of any previous points. If you happen to have zero points, your driving license will have been suspended and you must not drive any vehicles. It is also important to note, the Spanish points system is different from that of the UK. Points are deducted in Spain, rather than added.

What if it is just a parking fine?

If you have parked your car and stayed longer than the time on the meter, then you can use the ticket to pay the fine at the meter itself. This is always the best and cheapest option. However, a better idea could be to make use of a parking app so if your meeting overruns, you can simply renew online using your phone.

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