Useful apps and links – part 2

by Lorraine Williamson
app on phone

More than ever, we carry so much information on our mobile phones. But there are also some very useful apps and websites you may wish to download or save to your phone.

The following apps can easily be found on Google Play Store on your mobile phone. See more information on part one of our useful apps and websites article.

Salud Responde

Although this app allows you to make online appointments to see your doctor, currently it is only in Spanish. However, it also has a section on Coronavirus that asks if you have symptoms, allows you to advise of a positive test and gives more information. There are lots of other sections regarding your health on this app.


On this app, you can store your driving license in digital format. It also allows for your other vehicle documentation to be included. This saves you from having to carry documents unnecessarily. Just remember to keep your phone charged!

Easy park

How often have you driven around searching for a parking space, only to discover (when you eventually find a space) you have no change? Or, your meeting over-runs and your time limit has ended? Easy Park is perfect. Simply download the app, add your vehicle license plate number(s) and register a payment method. The app may also alert you to available parking areas. But in any case, it is very easy to use and has many useful features.


This app is in English as well as Spanish and other languages and is very useful for all sorts of situations. Your privacy is guaranteed in this app, and your location is only shared when you decide to send an alert. This will obviously mean you can be helped quickly in an emergency.

You can also nominate a guardian. And in the event of an emergency, there is an SOS button where you can give immediate notice to the guardian and to the police closest to where you are. This is also useful in the event of an emergency or disappearance.

Tracking alerts – this keeps your location active so police can track you if you must keep moving from a dangerous situation.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

There are various types of alerts that can be sent;

  • If you are a victim or a witness of a crime
  • There are also chat and call buttons

It is also proactive, and you may receive alerts if there is a problem in the area where you care close to.


This is handy for those who use public transport. The app can be found in Play Store for your local area. In addition to being a timetable of bus routes, it will also tell you how long you will wait for the bus to reach the stop you are at.


Good to have, especially if you are not near a taxi rank, or perhaps not even sure where you are to give pick up directions. The Uber will track your current location and allow you to pay cash or via your bank. The price is agreed in advance via your mobile and does not increase, even if you end up sitting in traffic with the engine ticking over.


You will need this. This useful link gives up to date details on Covid-19 requirements when travelling. It is also available as an app.

This link is continuously updated and gives travel requirements for travel to Spain, within Spain and from Spain.

The official UK government website gives up to date information for UK residents travelling abroad, and for people travelling to the UK.

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