Useful websites and apps for visitors to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Visitors to Spain

The situation around the world continues to change on a daily or even hourly basis. As a result, the Spanish government has implemented a series of measures to help protect visitors to Spain.

For travellers who wish to visit Spain, there are several government websites and mobile apps available in English that you can refer to for information.

Situation constantly changing

However, as things are constantly changing, please be aware that the information contained in these is not legally binding. They do aim to keep them as up to date as possible in these times, but do double check.

Travel Safe Spain

Firstly, Travel Safe Spain is a website aimed at visitors to Spain. It details entry requirements and restrictions to be aware of depending on which area you plan to visit. There is also an interactive map, when you click on an area, it will give you more specific and useful information. There is also useful advice on what the protocol is for certain trips, for example to the beach, in cities or in nature.

Cogesa Expats

Spain Travel Health

Secondly, SPTH is available as a mobile app or website.  It provides you with a step-by-step procedure as to safe travel. From what is required before your trip, at the airport and during your stay. If you are continuing to another country after your visit to Spain, you must also check entry requirements regarding possible testing, vaccinations, quarantine, or other measures.

QR Code

Before arriving in Spain, you will require to complete the health control form and obtain your QR Code. This will be required to show at control points upon arrival in Spain. The website/app takes you through this process.

This video will show you how to obtain your QR Code.

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