Four individuals sanctioned in La Rioja for cheating on driving exam

by Lorraine Williamson
driving exam

LA RIOJA – Concealing phones, signal receivers, and mobile earpieces, four individuals have been penalised for attempting to cheat on their driving exams in La Rioja. Moreover, they face fines of €500 and a six-month ban from retaking the exam.

The Guardia Civil, in collaboration with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in Logroño, has taken action against four individuals. They sought to fraudulently obtain authorisation by passing their driving exams to allow them to drive.

Crackdown on driving exam candidates

The enforcement activities were carried out during inspections conducted by agents of the Investigation and Analysis Group (GIAT) of the Guardia Civil. This was in conjunction with examiners from the Provincial Headquarters, targeting candidates appearing for various driving license exams. The primary objective was to prevent identity fraud and any form of irregularity or illegal behaviour facilitated by electronic devices such as covert earpieces, mobile phones, and memory-equipped watches during the examination process.

The behaviour of those involved during the exams raised suspicions among agents and examiners regarding potential anomalies. Therefore, to ensure non-interference with the exam process, they awaited the conclusion of the exams before identifying the individuals.

Concealed mobile phones and other equipment

During this process, it was discovered that the four individuals had concealed mobile phones, signal receivers, and earpieces within their clothing and ears.

These devices were set up so that during the examination, the candidates wouldn’t need to speak. Instead, they would focus their camera on the computer screen and receive exam answers via the earpiece from someone outside. Consequently, this deceitful behaviour was not tolerated during the exam.

Cogesa Expats

Upon discovery, official records were made of the intervention involving the electronic devices they were carrying. Additionally, the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in La Rioja declared these individuals ineligible for obtaining a driving permit.

Investigations revealed that these four individuals, residing in Barcelona, Girona, Navarra, and La Rioja, had reportedly paid between €1,000 and €1,500 to the people who supplied them with the electronic equipment to provide them with answers during the exam.

Fined and barred

Consequently, formal reports and charges have been processed, resulting in fines of €500 each. Furthermore, they are barred from taking any driving permit exams for a period of six months.


Legal Amendments in Traffic Laws

The new legislation governing traffic, motor vehicle operation, and road safety designates as a severe offense: “the use of non-regulation authorised intercommunication devices during exams for obtaining or recovering driving permits or licenses, or other administrative authorisations for driving, as well as assisting or collaborating in the use of said devices.”

Thanks to these proactive measures, fraudulent acquisition of driving authorisation has been prevented. These individuals lacked the fundamental and essential knowledge in traffic regulations and road safety. Consequently, they could have posed a significant safety risk to other road users.

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