The last update on the exchange of driving licenses – UPDATE

by Lorraine Williamson
last update on driving licenses

Hugh Elliot, British Ambassador to Spain and Andorra made an official announcement via Twitter this afternoon. He began by saying “I hope this is my last update for you on driving licenses”.

Furthermore, he was pleased to be able to confirm that at last, the agreement has been finalised. This will now enable those who have a UK driving license and are resident in Spain to exchange it for a Spanish driving license without taking a driving test.

Officially the last update on driving licenses

This was officially approved today by Spain´s Consejo de Ministros (the Cabinet). Consequently, tomorrow there will be a formal exchange of notes between the UK and Spain. Then, the day after that (Thursday 16th March), those resident in Spain will be able to drive again using their UK driving license. This is valid for 6 months. However, during this timeframe, you must exchange your license for a Spanish one.

Get ready to make the exchange

Therefore, the next step for those in this position is (if you haven´t already), to arrange and take the psicotécnico test. Once you have done this, as soon as the booking system is available through the DGT website, the first thing you need to do is arrange an appointment with a Jefatura u Oficina de Tráfico to make the exchange.

The DGT advised the Embassy that you can find full information with detailed steps to follow via their website. You can click on “seleccionar idioma” at the top of the page, and change to inglés to read in English. You can also find further information on the official UK government website.

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Correct documentation is important

The DGT have also asked the Embassy to emphasis the importance of having all the correct documentation with you when you go to your appointment. Therefore, it is important to read that section carefully to avoid any problems or hold ups if possible.

When you enter the system to book your appointment, you must choose the option “Tramites de Oficinia” (not Canjes) and then “Conductores”.

Six-month window

Elliot was very clear to point out that if you do not exchange within the six-month window, you will not be able to drive any longer using your UK license, but you will still be able to exchange your license after that time without taking a physical driving test.


Elliot then went on to acknowledge that the process has taken a lot longer than anyone anticipated, and the difficulties that many faced during this time. He went on to thank everyone on both the Spanish side and the UK side during this negotiation period.

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