Train derailed in Toledo after landslide

by Lorraine Williamson

During the night between Thursday and Friday, a Renfe train derailed on the Madrid-Valencia route. This happened near Ontígola (Toledo). The Spanish carrier Adif says a landslide caused the train to derail. 

The train derailed near Ontígola in the municipality of Ocaña (in the province of Toledo). There were ten people on the train at the time of the accident. According to the social media channels of the Castile-La Mancha emergency services, no injuries were reported. And all ten passengers were able to be taken to their final destination by bus. 

Landslide cause of train derailment in Toledo 

Following the accident, the carrier Adif tells more about the cause of the derailment of the train. Just before the train went off track, there was a minor landslide that interrupted the track between Ocaña and Aranjuez. There are several images on Twitter of the train just after the accident. Next to the track is a large mountain of stones that was created by the landslide and the derailment of the train. 

Temporarily no trains between Aranjuez and Cuenca 

Shortly after the accident, Adif announced on social media channels that trains will temporarily not be able to run on the route between Aranjuez and Cuenca. However, until the train is picked up and the track can be restored, an alternative will be offered to travelers wishing to travel between these places. 

At the time of writing, the train is ready to be moved to a nearby workshop. As soon as the track has been repaired, trains can run again. Adif expects to be able to report later this Friday that trains can run on this route again. 

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