“We have 70% of the population fully vaccinated and 100% of our hope restored”

by Lorraine Williamson
70% target reached
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MADRID – 33.7 million people in Spain are now fully vaccinated. That equates to 70.9% of the population. Furthermore 36.6 million (77.2%) have received one jab. This now exceeds the original target of 70%.

However, since the spread of the Delta variant, experts have advised that to achieve herd immunity, this figure needs to be at 90%.

We look to the future with hope

In a ceremony at Guadalajara, President Pedro Sanchez said, “Congratulations to Spain because we have achieved 70% and we are now going for 90%”. There is currently no time limit set for this next goal, as it will be difficult to achieve until there is a vaccine suitable for under 12-year-olds as they represent 11% of the population.

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Araceli Hidalgo

Attending the ceremony was 96-year-old, Araceli Hidalgo. The vaccination campaign began with her on December 27. Since then, over 66 million doses have been administered. Sanchez commented, “These are not figures. They are lives that we save. The Welfare State must come out of this crisis more strengthened. One of the reflections that the pandemic leaves us with is the need to have a strong State that protects us against emergencies such as Covid.”

Spain leads the way

The vaccination rate in Spain is one of the highest in the world, as claimed throughout the event that was held at the San José de Guadalajara sports centre. Among the attendees were the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, and the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page.

With 47 million inhabitants, no country with a similar or higher population stands out. The most similar case is that of Canada, with 37 million inhabitants. Countries like the United States and Israel, which started vaccinating earlier, have been stagnant for months without significant progress. “Spain leads the vaccination of the 20 most important economies in the world.” remarked Sanchez.

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