Body found burned in Madrid field had teeth removed

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Spanish police investigating case of murder victim with teeth removed

The grisly find, discovered by firefighters putting out a small fire, had all teeth removed and severed fingers. Police believe the mutilation was to prevent identification of the victim.

The body found last Sunday in a small fire had all the teeth removed, in addition to all fingers severed. This was to prevent its identification, which is being slow and very complex, police sources informed Europa Press. The scene was in the Madrid district of Vallecas.

Corpse’s identification hampered by mutilation

This lifeless body was discovered in a field located in the Cerro del Murmullo around 11 am on 29th August. When the firefighters went to put out the flames, they detected the corpse of a male wrapped in cloth. He was a middle-aged man, naked from the waist up.

Agents of Group VI of Homicides of the National Police of Madrid, are in charge of the investigation.  The Violent Crimes section of the Scientific Police Brigade are carrying out the technical inspection.

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Until now, any information about the identity and age of the victim is unknown. This is despite the forensic studies and ongoing investigations of the Homicide Group.

Body found in area frequented for drugs and sex

Drug addicts and people who practice cruising, sex in the open air between strangers, frequent the area where the body burned.

Homicide agents are awaiting the results of the body’s autopsy. The flammable accelerants found on the body, along with the severed fingers and teeth torn out, indicate the perpetrators made every effort to disguise the victim’s identity. This could be as he had a criminal record or his details would be on file for some reason.

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