Thunder and storms drive away sweltering heat in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
heat in Spain to be replaced by storms

Spain’s heatwave came to an end in some places on Monday. The intense heat in Spain is convincing evidence of climate change! And it would be an insult to deny it, according to Prime Minister Sánchez. 

Maximum temperatures in the northwest of Andalucia, on the Cantabrian Sea and in the western Pyrenees have started to fall. Although, temperatures continue to exceed 35 degrees in a number of areas, such as the Ebro Valley, the interior and southeast and Mallorca, the meteorological agency AEMET reported. 

Heat shows on the thermometers in Spain

Minimum temperatures dropped in western Extremadura and in the Ebro Valley area and the Iberian system. However, in the rest of Spain the heat showed on the thermometers, and they registered little change. Furthermore, it rained in Galicia and around the Cantabrian Sea.  

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Cool air on its way 

Meteorologists indicate that as the continental tropical air mass that caused the heat wave dissipates, a new, cooler and more humid air mass will form. Coming from the Atlantic Ocean, it will arrive in Spain with “heavy thunderstorms” in the northeast. There could even be hail in some places. Around the western Pyrenees, the jet was cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. 

For the rest of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, AEMET predicted cloudy skies with some showers. Or even thunderstorms in the southeast. Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands, clouds were forecast in the north of the islands. And, furthermore light rain will fall in the higher elevations and clearer skies in the south. Furthermore, fog was present in the Balearic Islands, the east of the Canaries and in Melilla. 

How is the wind? 

Finally, a westerly wind was forecast for Monday in Galicia, the Cantabrian region and on the Andalucian coast, with some strong winds in the Strait of Gibraltar, a south-westerly wind on the Atlantic coast and a southeasterly wind in the Balearic Islands and the north-east of the peninsula. Trade winds were blowing on the Canary Islands. 

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