This theme park in Spain is more fun than Disneyland

Short queues, something for everyone, and attractions with lots of adrenaline

by Lorraine Williamson
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If you like going to an amusement parks, there are plenty of choices in Europe. According to a UK source, there is one in Spain that is better than Disneyland. One with short queues, lots of variety, and attractions that get your adrenaline pumping. Where to find this park?

There are amusement parks for all ages or solely focused on water attractions. They range from ones with different themes to others centred around a single story… These are just a few examples that tourists like to visit. UK newspaper Daily Express recently revealed in an article what the best amusement park in Europe is. The publication is based on the experiences of Brits and talks about ‘the incredible European theme park that is better than Disneyland.’

The publication emphasises that it has many activities for the whole family. Moreover, there are hardly any queues, despite more than five million visitors per year. Also, it has the highest roller coaster in Europe. Surprisingly for many, this park is located in Spain, a place where everyone can easily visit.

Award winning

What amusement park is the Daily Express talking about? It’s PortAventura World, in Salou (Tarragona). Opened in Catalonia in 1995, it was Spain’s first theme park and features Dragon Khan as its star attraction. This amusement park has received several awards, including the title of Best European Theme Park at the 2022 Worldofparks-Awards.

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The Daily Express particularly mentions the short queues. Even at the main attractions. The medium also highlights the five ‘incredible themed areas’. This park also has one of the most terrifying roller coasters in Europe. In addition, there are all kinds of attractions for the whole family.

Good design is praised

The reviews are based on opinions on TripAdvisor. Visitors mention, among other things, the good design. The article emphasises the Dragon Khan roller coaster with eight loops. Also mentioned is the Furius Baco, which goes from 0 to 135 km/h in three seconds. As well as the Shambhala, which became the highest roller coaster in Europe at the opening of the park (although this is no longer the case). The SesamAventura area (for children and inspired by Sesame Street) or the Caribe Aquatic Park (with, among other things, 16 pools) are also explicitly mentioned.

How to get to PortAventura?

PortAventura World is located in Vila-Seca, a municipality a few minutes from Tarragona. It is easily accessible. By car, you can reach it via the A-7. The park is well signposted. Those coming by train take line R17 and get off at ‘Salou-PortAventura’ station, a ten-minute walk from the park entrance. There are also several bus connections around PortAventura. Both from destinations on the Costa Dorada, the Costa Brava, and from Barcelona.”

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