Port Aventura is looking for an employee to test rollercoasters

by Lorraine Williamson

TARRAGONA – A very special summer job is available in Spain. Or was, since there is only one vacant position, and many are probably eager to make money in such an exciting way. The Port Aventura amusement park in Tarragona offers you the chance to earn money by riding rollercoasters.

The theme park has put out a unique position via the job website Infojobs: rollercoaster tester for two days. The offer is so attractive that almost 8,000 applications have already been received for just one vacant position. 

A minimum education of the Spanish Bachillerato is required for this job. According to the job description, the ideal candidate is someone who can have an exceptional time at the attractions of PortAventura World. In addition, he or she must be willing to share his or her experience with the resort team. “We are looking for an enthusiast who has strong communication skills and a passion for rollercoasters. Previous experience with many rollercoasters or a great affinity with them is a plus,” the vacancy states. 

Infojobs first indicated that the remuneration was €500 per day, but the theme park later emphasised that the exact remuneration is not public and cannot be shared. Therefore, at the moment, no specific amount is mentioned in the vacancy. 

What to expect from this ‘cool’ job 

The job falls within the ‘Cool job’ category of PortAventura. Applicants must register on the vacancy website to apply. What they can expect: 

Payment for testing PortAventura World rollercoasters and sharing feedback on the experience for two days. 

Cogesa Expats

A return trip from your home to PortAventura World. 

Stay in one of PortAventura World’s themed hotels. 

A tour of the new PortAventura World offices. 

A Cool Jobs kit from InfoJobs. 

PortAventura World, located on the Costa Dorada, is one of Europe’s leading leisure destinations. With three theme parks, including some of the world’s most spectacular roller coasters, it is a magnet for thrill seekers. 

17 other vacancies 

If you fish next to the net, there are 17 other vacancies in various sectors and all in the park. From administrative assistants in hotels to technical functions and positions in the hospitality industry; there are many opportunities for those interested to join the Port Aventura World team. 

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