Abandoned theme park awaits revival, while Andalucía’s only ice rink makes a comeback

by Lorraine Williamson
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BENALMADENA – Once considered a jewel in the crown of Costa Del Sol’s attractions, the Tivoli World adventure resort, which opened its doors in 1976, has faced a tumultuous journey in recent years. Abandoned and left to decay since 2020, the once-thriving theme park faced legal battles and contractual loopholes that led to its closure.

However, a new ray of hope has emerged as foreign investors express keen interest in revitalising this iconic space.

Tivoli World theme park

Deputy Mayor of Benalmadema, Presi Aguilera, disclosed that a foreign investment fund is in talks with the Tremon real estate group, the current owners, to facilitate the takeover of Tivoli World. The vision is clear – to resurrect it as an amusement park, preserving its historical charm. The Benalmadena Town Council echoes this sentiment, emphasising the importance of reopening Tivoli World for the region’s tourism and economy.

Despite the challenges faced by Tivoli World, its potential revival stands as a testament to the determination of the local community and the collaborative efforts between the government, unions, and the company committee. If successful, this revival could breathe new life into Costa Del Sol’s entertainment landscape.

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El Club de Hielo ice rink

Amidst the tales of abandonment, there’s a story of resilience and revival in Benalmádena. El Club de Hielo, the only ice rink in Andalucía, recently reopened its doors after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The ice rink, which also serves as the municipal sports centre, aims to become a hub for ice sports like hockey and figure skating.

Enrique Cantillo, the spokesperson for the ice rink, expressed optimism about the future. Despite past challenges, he sees the facility as “alive” and an integral part of the town’s rhythm. The new administrators are keen to attract not only local families and groups but also tourists. Plans include hosting events organised by the Andalucian Winter Sports Federation, fostering partnerships with parents’ associations, and reaching out to international groups with traditions in ice-related activities.

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