Sunbathing with wild boars on Marbella beach

by Lorraine Williamson
wild boars at the beach

MARBELLA – Encountering wild boars in populated areas has become a common sight due to their expanding habitats. However, beachgoers in Marbella were in for a surprise. 

Recent sightings included two boars leisurely walking on the beach of Santa Cristina in Oleiros. Yet, the latest incident took place on Elviria Beach in Marbella, where a family of boars took sunbathers by surprise. Nestled near the edge of the narrow stretch of Elviria beach and not far from the coastline, a group of six boars was seen rummaging through the sand. Images circulating on social media – like this one from @andresvazquez, captured these animals scavenging for leftover food in the garbage, much to the amazement of the nearby beachgoers. 

Seeing wild boars on Marbella streets is not a rarity. A few years ago, the city council sought cooperation to mitigate the increasing presence of these wild animals in urban settings. This campaign was primarily aimed at educating residents to prevent boars from venturing into populated areas. Especially aiming at residential neighbourhoods in the northern parts of the city, such as Xarblanca and Bello Horizonte. 

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In another peculiar incident last year, a boar decided to take a swim at the Benajarafe beach. Beachgoers watched in astonishment as the animal emerged from the sea, scampered across the sands, and vanished into the nearby shrubs. 

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