Serious accident with bus full of tourists in the Picos de Europa

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serious accident

CANGAS DE ONIS – A bus with, according to the Guardia Civil, 49 people, including about twenty children, crashed off the road on Monday. The accident happened on the busy route from Covadonga (Asturias) to the glacial lakes in the Picos de Europa.

Covadonga is revered as a pilgrimage site, housing the Basilica of Santa María la Real de Covadonga and the Sacred Grotto (Santa Cueva de Covadonga). The statue of the Virgin of Covadonga, locally referred to as “La Santina,” is situated here. Both landmarks are paramount religious destinations, nestled in the mountains beneath the renowned glacial lakes of the Picos de Europa National Park.

Multiple injuries reported

Preliminary reports indicate that there are four individuals with severe injuries. They were airlifted to hospitals. Three others, including a child accompanied by his mother and an individual with rib injuries, were transported to medical facilities via ambulance. states that a minimum of 12 others with minor injuries have been transported by ambulance to Arriondas for medical attention.

Bus overturned

Eyewitnesses recounted the bus toppling over twice around midday after colliding with the road’s right-hand side. Presently, the bus is capsized. Initial accounts suggest there have been no deaths, but numerous injuries are reported.

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Bus and driver’s documentation verified

The transport entity, ALSA, has verified that the bus was carrying 48 passengers and one driver. The precise cause behind the mishap remains uncertain. Nine passengers, alongside the bus driver, have sustained injuries requiring medical care. The driver, with 21 years of road experience, is well-acquainted with this specific route. The bus had all its necessary documents and underwent routine checks. Remarkably, this is the first accident of its kind in the 18 years that ALSA has been offering this service.

Swift response by authorities

A comprehensive emergency response team, comprising the police force, medical professionals, and a rescue helicopter, rushed to the accident site. The regional president is keeping a vigilant eye on the developments and has dispatched top-tier officials to the accident’s location.

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