Helicopter crashed on Madrid motorway

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MADRID – A helicopter crashed today on the M-40 ring road in Madrid, in the central reservation at Campo de las Naciones, near the IFEMA conference centre where the European Rotors aviation fair is currently taking place.

The accident involving the Enstrom 280FX Shark did not cause any serious injuries. The causes of the crash, however, are still unknown. According to reports from Telemadrid, there were two people on board the helicopter who suffered minor injuries in the accident. Furthermore, a car driver also suffered minor injuries. Medical personnel were quickly on the scene to provide assistance at kilometre point 6 of the motorway. Several fire brigade teams from the municipality of Madrid and the Samur Civil Protection were sent to the scene of the accident.

Traffic jams due to road closure

As a result of the helicopter accident, traffic flow on the M-40 has been seriously disrupted. All lanes in the direction of the crash exit are closed, and traffic is being diverted. Only one lane is closed from the entrance. It is therefore advisable to avoid the area due to significant traffic congestion and delays. This ring road is crucial for the flow of traffic in Madrid.

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Authorities and experts will further investigate the helicopter accident to determine the exact cause and prevent similar incidents in the future.‚Äč

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