Spain will experience coldest period of 2022 this weekend

by Lorraine Williamson
coldest day

It has been quite cold in a large part of Spain for just under two weeks. With the arrival of a new cold front, January 21 is now designated as the coldest day of 2022. In many places, it will be between -6 and -10 degrees. And it will be even worse on the weekend.

The Spanish weather site predicts even more severe frost in the coming days. Less than a week after the turn of the year, a period of cold was announced in Spain. January is normally the coldest month of the year in Spain. The most up-to-date weather forecasts confirm this will also be the case this year. 

We are now experiencing the coldest 14 days in Spain 

According to the data for the period 1991 to 2020, we are currently experiencing the coldest fortnight in Spain. The coldest night to date was that of January 13. This was with an average temperature of 2.8 degrees in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. 

Although January 21 may go down in the books as the coldest day, an average temperature of 7.9 degrees is still quite high. This is mainly because the temperatures in, for example, the south of Spain and the Canary Islands can drive the average up considerably. 

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Extreme cold starts Friday and continues into the weekend 

The cold has been noticeable in much of Spain for almost two weeks. expects that the temperature will drop even further in the coming days as we are dealing with clear skies and hardly any wind. During the weekend it can therefore become -10 in Soria and Teruel and -12 degrees in Lérida and surrounding areas. 

Temperatures not like during Filomena 

Temperatures of -15 and -16 are even observed in Teruel, Soria, Burgos, and Palencia, although these are not official observation points. Although it is quite cold in Spain, there are no temperatures of -26 degrees in Teruel last year during storm Filomena. 

However, a Meteored meteorologist points out that this is a normal temperature for the time of year. After a period of severe frost like now, we expect a period of precipitation along, for example, the coast of Cantabria and snow in the Pyrenees. 

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